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Video Management: Streamline Video Workflow

Today’s businesses have an ever-rising demand for video content. You must acquire, package and securely distribute that content to consumers and staff across a full range of digital devices – and do so quickly, simply and affordably.

Video management services from AT&T can help you meet those objectives by streamlining and automating the end-to-end video workflow – from ingestion to publishing and reporting. Modular, single-provider AT&T solutions help ease integration efforts and reduce risk. For even greater flexibility, both fully managed and self-managed solution options are available.

Expand market reach using a three screen strategy

Publish video to a company website, broadcast messages from company leadership or enhance revenue from existing content libraries. Video management services from AT&T enable a “three screen” (PC, TV and mobile device) strategy that can help expand reach and revenue possibilities. Use your video solution for:

Video management solutions from AT&T help you bring rich, compelling video content to market quickly for expanded revenue potential.

  • Providing Video on demand
  • Conducting training and distance learning
  • Broadcasting live events over the web
  • Building your brand 
  • Administering HR benefits
  • Monetizing video content investments

Provide a quality viewing experience

Video management solutions from AT&T feature automated workflows that enable device-optimized video streams to be delivered to a vast array of digital devices for consistent, high-quality viewing experiences. Plus, video management solutions from AT&T take full advantage of the reach and performance of the AT&T Global Network to help quickly deliver content when and where users want.

Automate workflows with video management services

Replace labor-intensive manual video processes and partner interactions all across the value chain:

  • Speed processes for ingestion, manipulation and packaging, distribution and storage
  • Reduce costs and timeframes with automated transcoding (onsite transcoding available)
  • Manage complex partner interactions
  • Reduce time-to-market for new and repackaged content assets
  • Deliver optimized viewing for today’s most popular devices

Focus on what you do best

AT&T takes a holistic approach to video management. End-to-end managed solutions can be implemented quickly and managed, maintained and supported by AT&T, so you can focus on core business activities, not video management.

  • Private Video Management Services (PVMS) to ingest, manage and publish video assets internally while complying with enterprise security requirements

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Can your organization benefit from video management services from AT&T? Consider these questions:

Do you need ongoing video management services or support for a single webcast event?

Regardless of your choice, video management from AT&T has you covered. We can design and implement an ongoing, enterprise-wide video solution, or we can conduct onsite video capture, packaging and publishing for special events.

Do you have in-house expertise in video management?

Fully managed video management services from AT&T can help to reduce the staff and infrastructure needed to support your video workflow. For a surprisingly low cost, you can have access to the world-class AT&T Global Network and video management solution experts from AT&T. Because we provide both your video solution and the delivery network, AT&T is your single point of responsibility for your video management solution.

Are you ready to take on the costs associated with a do-it-yourself system?

Video management from AT&T uses a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) service model to help you save the expense of assessing, purchasing, deploying and managing your own online video platform. If you do have in-house expertise, you can choose to purchase and manage as much or as little of the modular solution as you like.


AT&T consultants and solution architects will work with you to design your video management solution to your specific business requirements. We’ll address all aspects of the solution, including:

  • Needs assessment
  • Deployment of displays
  • Media asset playlist creation
  • Reporting
  • Security
  • Integration with your existing network

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Service Delivery

Globally experienced AT&T technical staff can quickly deploy and launch your video management solution, using standards-based components and industry best practices. A single project team used throughout the process helps ensure a smooth implementation.

Customer Support

A dedicated video management account team from AT&T will provide ongoing 24x7 support to help ensure your solution continues to provide value and return on investment.

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Ask a specialist how video management solutions from AT&T can help your enterprise enhance your internal and external video messaging.

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