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Effectively Manage Content Delivery and Performance with AT&T CDN Service

While demand for bandwidth-intensive content is increasing, many enterprises lack the technical flexibility and scalability needed for fast content delivery and a quality user experience. Organizations often are unprepared to manage spikes in demand, whether event-driven or seasonal.

AT&T Content Delivery Network Service solutions utilize the global AT&T network to deliver virtually any digital asset quickly and easily. As a result, you can deliver rich, engaging content and applications to end users with the speed and performance they expect. 

Expand capabilities with AT&T CDN Services

With AT&T CDN Services, you can quickly:

  • Implement dynamic site acceleration
  • Stream videos
  • Transfer large multimedia files
  • Speed HTTP small file delivery
  • Push software updates to users
  • Improve enterprise application performance
  • Improve digital media performance with web acceleration
  • Help protect your content from web attacks using AT&T CDN with Web Security

Receive better digital media experiences with CDN Services

AT&T Content Delivery Network (CDN) Service solutions enable fast, highly stable video streaming, dynamic site acceleration and on-demand scalability.

Jittery streaming videos, dropped connections, sluggish music or game downloads, and slow loading e-commerce pages can all frustrate users. AT&T CDN Service solutions take advantage of distributed on-net caching capacity around the world and high availability of the AT&T global network to help keep users loyal and engaged.

These CDN solutions help to:

  • Cache valuable content within high-performance edge servers positioned close to consumers to reduce wait times
  • Deliver consistent performance through one of the fastest mobile broadband networks in the U.S.
  • Quickly stream content to virtually anyone, on any device, nearly anywhere
  • Enable new potential revenue through in-stream advertising
  • Meet peak requirements with scalable infrastructure on-demand

Web acceleration for more cost-effective capacity on demand

Occasional or seasonal spikes in demand can lead to longer wait times and unhappy users, which can damage your brand. AT&T CDN Service solutions help overcome existing WAN limitations through automatic provisioning of additional capacity as needs dictate. Benefits can include:

  • Reduced user waiting times and improved satisfaction
  • Fewer abandoned shopping carts and more closed sales
  • Instant scalability and pay-per-use options
  • Dynamic site acceleration
  • Optimized content for more enjoyable viewing on a range of platforms and devices

Turnkey CDN solutions

You need high-performing networking solutions that produce quality, on-demand results.  AT&T CDN Service solutions simplify content delivery.  They include:

  • Dynamic site acceleration
  • Content delivery
  • Mobile optimization
  • Intranet and cloud solutions
  • Enhanced Security Solutions

These turnkey CDN solutions provide a single contact number, along with:

  • Fully managed and hosted solutions with 24x7 support
  • Comprehensive security that helps safeguard your valuable content assets
  • Holistic, end-to-end design, implementation/integration and management services

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Considerations for using a CDN

Does your organization face rapidly growing demands for optimized content delivery across multiple platforms and devices?

Many enterprises are straining to keep pace with rapidly growing demands for optimized content delivery across multiple platforms, including an explosive number of mobile devices. Tight budgets and staffing, occasional or seasonal spikes in traffic and advances in technology, such as IPv6, are all contributing to the pressure.

AT&T CDN Service solutions simplify content management and technology change. Our end-to-end managed solutions help deliver richer content to your target audiences quickly and consistently, with faster page load times and SLA-backed network stability.

Does your e-commerce website experience a high rate of shopping cart abandonment?

We can help improve your e-commerce site by increasing stability, accelerating your website and handling changing traffic volumes with automated on-demand scalability. Reducing page load times and delivering smooth streaming video messaging and in-stream advertising can help turn browsers into buyers.

Do you deliver content to mobile users?

Mobile users want access to digital assets and applications anytime, anywhere and from any device of their choosing. AT&T CDN Service replicates your content across multiple, strategically located servers and uses intelligent DNS to map user requests to an optimally available edge server, closer to their location, to speed delivery.  Content can also be optimized for a range of mobile devices and platforms to meet the demands of mobile users who want a native device experience.

Is website security an important consideration for your business?

From DDoS attacks to software-based intrusion, businesses are more vulnerable to malicious activities than ever before. Attacks may be directed at your network, your hosting center, your servers, or your edge and caching servers, including your Content Delivery Network (CDN) assets.

AT&T CDN KONA Web Security Solutions provides important security services at the CDN and edge layer of your infrastructure. Your CDN can help distribute your web assets more effectively and reliably, accelerate your web applications, and help to minimize certain types of attacks. But for more effective protection, CDN-level security is a key component of your online solution.

Designing your Content Delivery Network Solution

AT&T solution architects will work with you to design a CDN solution for your organization's specific business requirements. Our service encompasses needs assessment, solutions deployment and ongoing operations. We even handle reporting requirements, and make recommendations to improve security and integration with your existing infrastructure.

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Service Delivery for your CDN Solution

Globally-experienced, readily-available AT&T technical staff can quickly launch and deploy your AT&T CDN Service solutions. We use industry best practices and experience we've gained through engagements worldwide.

Customer Support for your CDN Service

Your dedicated account support team will respond rapidly with multiple layers of support around-the-clock for your managed content distribution solution. A single contact number is available to manage any issues.

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