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High Impact Broadcast Content

Give end users the rich and immersive video experiences they expect with AT&T Broadcast Video solutions. Successfully deployed worldwide, these hosted and managed services address the complete broadcast workflow—ingest, cache, store, manage and distribute.

Offered as a service and delivered across the fast and reliable AT&T full fiber optic network, AT&T Broadcast Video solutions are built to help meet the stringent requirements of broadcasters, film studios, production houses, academic institutions and other organizations. They're available virtually anywhere in the world for single use or on-going broadcasting needs.

Broadcast Video: Leading Technology Change

AT&T Broadcast Video solutions use our end-to-end fiber optic network to help deliver consistent high quality user experiences.

Increasing competition and demand for high quality multimedia is driving constant improvements in video technology. End-point devices are continuously evolving and new technology standards, regulatory requirements and protocols must be met and implemented. It can be quite costly for an enterprise to keep equipment and staff trained and up-to-date. AT&T has been a leader in video technology, including:

  • Director representation at Video Services Forum Inc, an international multimedia association comprised of manufacturers, service providers, and users dedicated to quality, equipment interoperability, the development of new technology and education for video networking
  • Active leadership positions within the industry, including helping to guide standards with the National Television Systems Committee (NTSC) and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)

AT&T Broadcast Video solutions have you covered. Our automated, managed solutions help provide low-latency, format-optimized content delivery to a vast range of devices and across virtually any customer network type.

Effectively Managing Video Capacity

Each video broadcast demands different requirements. A multi-cast transmission of a sports event could require up to 1,000 access points and 1,000 local loops, which is not financially feasible for enterprises making periodic broadcasts that move locations. Capacity requirements may also be different for each transmission, demanding variable bandwidth and compression needs. AT&T provides a cost-effective video broadcast solution, using the performance and scale of our fiber optic network and a best practice approach to managing your capacity.

Broadcast video use cases include:

  • Sports, music and theatrical events
  • On-demand learning
  • Digital workflow, including file sharing and data transfer
  • Internal communications and training
  • Special event coverage
  • Advertising

Global reach from a single provider

Whether it's a concert held in Seoul, a Brazilian soccer match, or a health services conference keynote from New York, your users want rich, engaging video experiences that bring their unique interests to them wherever they are.

AT&T Broadcast Video solutions can be deployed quickly nearly anywhere events occur worldwide. We'll install, operate, manage and maintain your broadcast video operations from end-to-end, helping you reduce infrastructure costs and headcount demands. And with AT&T, you'll have one number to call for 24x7 support through our state-of-the-art Global Operations center.

Proven solutions for specific business requirements

The broadcast video solutions family from AT&T includes AT&T Broadcast Video and AT&T Global Video . Each offers quick, cost-effective implementation for fast return on investment, along with demonstrated 99.999% reliability.

  • AT&T Broadcast Video: Helps deliver consistent, high-quality local broadcast video transport over fiber to NTSC specifications.
  • AT&T Global Video [PDF, 376kb]: Provides both dedicated and one-time broadcast video workflow operations, from point-of-origin to studio, as well as host-to-host connectivity for mission-critical disaster recovery or data backup.

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Could your organization benefit from AT&T Broadcast Video solutions? Consider these questions:

Do you have enough in-house broadcast expertise, infrastructure and bandwidth for upcoming video projects and events?

Opportunities arise quickly and disappear just as fast. Using our fiber optic network, we can rapidly deploy your solution virtually anywhere in the world, to help you capture those opportunities and the revenue they may represent.

Are you prepared to deliver high quality content to the full range of today’s devices?

New video formats and protocols continue to advance and devices are constantly being updated. AT&T can support virtually all major video broadcast formats and protocols, and end user devices.

Are you broadcasting globally, from anywhere you do business?

AT&T has a global presence and worldwide reach through our fiber network. Our experts are on hand to get your solution running quickly.

Are you concerned with meeting regulatory requirements across geographies?

We'll help to ensure that all handoffs and associated tariffs meet local and national requirements, through automated, transparent policy management. We will manage independent rules and equipment specifications for the countries from which you are broadcasting.


AT&T Broadcast Video solutions experts will work with you to design a solution that meets your one-time or ongoing business requirements. We'll address all aspects of the solution, from needs assessment through deployment and integration with your existing network, as well as all maintenance and support across the full broadcast video workflow.

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Service Delivery

Our globally-experienced technical staff can quickly deploy and launch your broadcast video solution. They'll draw upon proven best practices learned through our experiences in delivering video solutions worldwide. We will manage your entire broadcast experience, including:

  • Ordering access
  • Conducting premises-to-premises testing
  • Implementing compression
  • Monitoring the service/transmission
  • Resolving troubles

Customer Support

Our dedicated account support team and Global Operations center will be there with multi-layered support around the clock. We'll handle all updates, upgrades and maintenance.

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Find out how AT&T Broadcast Video solutions can help deliver rich, immersive video experiences to your organization and its customers.

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