IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ with AT&T NetBond

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Extend your AT&T VPN into the IBM cloud

Why the Network Matters

Why the Network Matters.

AT&T NetBond delivers flexibility, agility, speed and cost savings.

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While the benefits of cloud are clear, concern over mission-critical data traveling over a public network may keep you from moving production workloads into the cloud.

That's why AT&T and IBM have come together to deliver IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ with AT&T NetBond.

This pre-integrated, cloud-within-the network service extends your AT&T MPLS private network directly into the IBM cloud for the enterprise-grade security, performance, availability and control of a private cloud. So, you can think less about data protection and more about how you can use the cloud to transform the way you deliver services.

Multi-tenant cloud meets multi-layered security

Now, you can combine the ease and speed advantages of a multi-tenant cloud solution with:

  • End-to-end security from wired or wireless devices to applications and the network
  • Intelligent routing that directs traffic to logically separated customer data environments on shared physical machines
  • Increased protection for applications against DDOS attacks

Built for production-ready workloads

IBM and AT&T Honored for Highly-Secure, Enterprise Cloud Computing Solutions

AT&T Inc. and IBM Corp receive the Most Innovative Carrier Cloud Service award.

Read about IBM and AT&T Honored for Highly-Secure, Enterprise Cloud Computing Solutions

This joint cloud solution from AT&T and IBM was built to handle the requirements of large enterprises with production-level workload demands and provides:

  • A reliable, highly available environment for enterprise applications and data
  • High bandwidth connections for faster response
  • Scalable computing capacity and dynamic network resource allocation for optimal performance
  • A choice of service level agreements to match needs of specific workloads

A fully managed network cloud

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ with AT&T NetBond is a fully managed service that includes:

  • Management from the network to virtual machines and the operating system
  • ITIL process-based service management for governance and control
  • Automated network management to reduce complexity
  • Self-service management tools

Or, if you prefer, we can support unmanaged virtual machines, which allows you to self-manage workloads while still benefiting from fast provisioning.

Pre-integrated for easy provisioning

A pre-integrated "cloud-within-the-network" infrastructure means you can:

  • Coordinate provisioning of cloud and network resources in one solution
  • Avoid procurement delays and capital investments
  • Bring applications live in a pre-tested environment
  • Customize your cloud with selections from a robust services catalog

We even offer migration services to quickly and cost effectively move your cloud-enabled workloads for you. This eases demands on your IT staff while helping to ensure a successful migration.

The best of both worlds

If you want the security and performance of a private cloud and the economics and flexibility of a public cloud – and from a single source – find out more about IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ with AT&T NetBond today.

For additional AT&T cloud computing services, see AT&T Synaptic Compute as a ServiceSM . Other AT&T cloud services include cloud storage, platform as a service, virtual desktop service and SaaS enablement for service providers.

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IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ with AT&T NetBond Considerations

Consider these questions as you assess this solution for your organization:

Do you need a pre-integrated solution?
The IBM SCE+ platform is a "cloud-within-the network" service, which means it has been pre-integrated into the AT&T VPN backbone. Instead of having to add the cost and complexity of another network layer to establish connectivity with cloud resources, your VPN extends directly into the cloud platform. This can greatly reduce latency and deployment time.

Are you looking for a fully-managed cloud solution?
When considering cloud offerings, it's important to look beyond the cost of virtual computing resources to consider your on-going management costs. Since IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ with AT&T NetBond is a fully managed solution, we manage the cloud and network infrastructure up to the operating system, freeing your internal resources and budgets for other work.

What level of security do you need?
With IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ with AT&T NetBond you can have the enterprise-class grade security of a private cloud to help avoid exposure to DDOS and other Internet threats and meet compliance demands.

Intelligent routing technology connects your private network to shared computing resources while separating customer data environments. The solution also helps you implement common security policies from wired and wireless devices, across the network and to computing resources.

Do you want to move production-level workloads to the cloud?
Many cloud offerings provide SLAs for the 'infrastructure,' which means the SLA does not extend above the hypervisor level. With SmartCloud Enterprise+, SLAs also cover the virtual machines and the OS layer to deliver the enterprise-caliber uptime required for business-critical workloads. Tiered SLA offerings let you match the uptime demands of specific needs.

Are you tired of managing multiple service providers?
DIY solutions are complex to manage, but managing multiple external cloud providers can complicate service delivery even further. As a hybrid cloud solution, IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ with AT&T NetBond combines the expertise of two trusted brands into one offering with the simplicity of single-vendor accountability.

Designing your Hybrid Cloud Solution

AT&T provides a variety of resources and tools to help you plan and design your hybrid cloud solution. We can help you identify the workloads to move to the cloud, as well as the AT&T Cloud Services best suited for your specific needs. We also offer a range of professional services, including migration services to move your applications into the cloud environment.

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Service Delivery

Deployment is easy and fast with IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ with AT&T NetBond. Flexible configuration options and SLA packages let you customize your cloud solution:

  • Work with your AT&T representative to configure a custom cloud solution
  • Request and receive your user ID for the Cloud Solutions Portal
  • Virtual servers quickly enter steady state operation
  • Access computing assets in the cloud
  • Use the web portal to request more or less computing capacity


As a fully managed solution, IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ with AT&T NetBond provides a wide array of managed services for virtualized machines, including:

Monitoring and management:

  • On-going monitoring and management of the network, virtual machines and OS
  • Patch management
  • OS-level security and regulatory compliance
  • Anti-virus protection
  • Network intrusion detection
  • Managed backup and restore

ITIL process-based service management provides governance and control

  • Asset management
  • Configuration management
  • Event management
  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Change management
  • Service request management

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To find out more about IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ with AT&T NetBond, or to arrange a Cloud Advisory Workshop, talk to your AT&T representative.

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