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Onboard Customers and Manage Online Content with IBM® WebSphere® Commerce and IBM® WebSphere® Portal

eCommerce websites can provide great revenue opportunities for businesses. To be successful, the site must consistently deliver the optimal performance needed for a positive shopping experience. When managed correctly, IBM WebSphere Commerce helps enable profitable online interactions and introduces new business opportunities. 

Web content portals are used to provide valuable information to customers. Delivering a quality, unified web experience is critical. Content management portals and tools help effectively manage online content and streamline internal processes. IBM WebSphere Portal is a content management solution that lowers the cost of delivering high-value portal websites and allows you to deliver a common and personalized user experience across multiple platforms.

WebSphere Commerce and Content Management expertise on tap

WebSphere Commerce and WebSphere Portal applications must be finely tuned, managed and updated on a continual basis. Without the time or specialized skill sets needed for the software, internal staffs may struggle to keep up.

When you offload or share these tasks with AT&T, you have access to certified WebSphere Commerce and Portal professionals who can help:

  • Tune, manage and update applications for high reliability and performance
  • Monitor applications to decrease costly downtime
  • Unburden over-worked internal staffs
  • Decrease staffing costs related to application management
  • Get more value from your WebSphere investments
  • Enable faster page load times with AT&T Content Acceleration service

You can also choose to release internal staff from infrastructure management with AT&T hosting services.

Focus on the strategic eCommerce shopping experience

Simply having an online presence isn't enough to keep customers from wandering to a competitive website. With application management services from AT&T, you're free to focus on using the applications to their fullest potential to help you:

  • Transform your eCommerce strategy
  • Attract more customers, partners and suppliers to your website
  • Engage site visitors and incite them to buy
  • Create an online experience that's both positive and personal to capture and win business and loyalty

Choose your AT&T WebSphere solution

You can manage your online catalog and streamline the online shopping experience with WebSphere solutions from AT&T:

  • Manage multichannel online content, deliver optimized website performance and provide a single sign-on with IBM WebSphere Portal
  • Potentially capture new business and increase revenue with IBM® WebSphere® Commerce

AT&T: An IBM Premier Business Partner

AT&T manages applications for hundreds of clients who count on eCommerce software to drive their online businesses. As a premier business partner for WebSphere Commerce and WebSphere Portal, we have developed the expertise to help you improve functionality on your WebSphere investments.

Learn more about how AT&T eCommerce application management, hosting services and application consulting services can help you deliver a more personal and relevant experience to your customers and a more rewarding one for your company.

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As you consider application management services for your WebSphere Commerce or WebSphere Portal solution, here are some questions you may have:

Should you have your own staff manage your WebSphere applications?

When you think about application management tasks across the lifecycle - from installation to upgrades - it becomes a question of how much added responsibility your existing labor force can handle. When you offload management to AT&T, you reduce the risk that busy internal staff will fall behind in critical maintenance tasks that could impact site performance and online revenue.

Do you need to manage multichannel content while providing a single sign-on and view for your multiple systems?

Expansion of online channels (web, mobile, social), disparate systems (on-premise and cloud) with key business data and stretched internal IT staff make it hard to effectively manage online content and make timely business decisions. Online content management becomes a challenge.

When you utilize AT&T Hosting & Application Services, you can quickly and cost-effectively reap the benefits of WebSphere Portal to manage your online and internal web channels.

If you already have application management resources in-house, how can AT&T help?

With AT&T, you can choose our premium service for a fully managed application solution. Or, we can act as an extension of your staff, sharing the workload as part of our standard service offering. Either way, you have access to certified WebSphere Commerce and WebSphere Portal application management professionals from AT&T.

Should you be investing in eCommerce solutions in a down economy?

Now is not the time to stop investing in your online channel - especially when cutbacks can be detrimental to the shopping experience. However, it's an ideal time to focus efforts on improving the online experience for a competitive advantage.

You can do that by adopting key application enhancements that expand capabilities. Again, that takes time, especially given the added complexity new functionality brings to the application environment. AT&T application consulting services can simplify the upgrade process for you.

Should you host your WebSphere solution on your own infrastructure?

Equipment, staffing and infrastructure costs make hosting applications an expensive proposition. Security and compliance issues add to that pressure. But the dynamic nature of online transactions and the resulting scalability demands on your infrastructure can give you enough reasons to investigate alternative hosting solutions.

With AT&T hosting services, applications are delivered on an AT&T Synaptic InfrastructureSM, a utility-based computing platform that can provide instant scalability during times of peak demand. And, you pay for hosting based on the capacity you use.

As an added benefit, when AT&T hosts your WebSphere Commerce or WebSphere Portal applications, you could have a single source for application services, hosting and consulting services.

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Service Delivery

WebSphere Commerce and WebSphere Portal application management services from AT&T include:

  • Installation in your data center or an AT&T Internet Data Center
  • Post-implementation testing, configuration and enhancements before going live
  • User account set up
  • Proactive transaction and site monitoring
  • Monitoring of WebSphere Solution, 3rd party integrations and service availability
  • Patch management and maintenance

Fee-based AT&T application consulting services for WebSphere Solutions can include:

  • Discovery workshops to gather application requirements
  • Application maintenance and enhancements beyond routine tasks
  • Advanced custom monitoring
  • Quality assurance testing for new applications
  • Load testing
  • Advanced troubleshooting and optimization
  • Third-party integrations

Customer Support

You can depend on AT&T to support your WebSphere Commerce and WebSphere Portal applications with:

  • Dedicated 24x7x365 coverage
  • A single point of accountability
  • A dedicated 800 calling number
  • Rapid response to resolve and triage failure or error alerts
  • A client portal with self-service tools for performance monitoring and reporting

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