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Engage your Customers, Free your Staff

Today, eCommerce is all about improving the customer experience – making their interactions with your business more positive and personal, so you can be more profitable.

But if older, inflexible technology keeps your customers waiting and your staff in constant upkeep mode, it’s not only costing you more to maintain, it could be costing you business.

You need a more reliable, responsive solution that engages customers and frees your staff: Hybris Commerce Suite hosted and managed by AT&T.

Performance to power the Hybris experience

Hybris Commerce Suite provides a feature-rich website experience, backed by the superior performance and availability of AT&T enterprise-class global data centers.

We host and manage the infrastructure and applications for you on AT&T Synaptic InfrastructureSM, a proven and stable hosting platform for business applications and high-volume transactions. With a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for 99.9 percent availability, you can focus less on technology and more on innovative ways to draw attention to your website, keep customers interested and close the sale.

Fast Hybris provisioning, a predictable price

The AT&T Synaptic Hosting environment combines network, computing and storage capabilities into a virtualized IT ecosystem, available to you for a fixed monthly fee. Instead of buying your own in-house systems to run Hybris Commerce Suite, you tap into a ready-made infrastructure. So, you can deploy Hybris solutions to more users in less time to accelerate projects or go to market faster. 

A responsive platform for reliable service

Hybris Commerce Suite provides a flexible, cost-effective platform for change:  

  • Network bandwidth increases dynamically to meet capacity needs
  • CPU, memory and storage can be added in a day or more
  • Additional virtual servers can be “turned up” quickly to meet growing needs or promotional and seasonal demands

Your monthly fee covers baseline services. After that, you pay only for the incremental capacity increases you use.

Hybris Commerce Suite expertise

To help you get the most from Hybris Commerce Suite, AT&T:

  • Draws upon 15 years of experience hosting and managing eCommerce platforms
  • Tests and certifies each Hybris configuration for compatibility and quality
  • Uses ITIL process-based service management for reliability, governance and control

More protection for customer data

Engaging customers means earning their trust as you process and store their confidential data. That’s why we provide multi-layered protection, from the enterprise-class security of our data centers to the virtual private network (VPN) that connects our systems to your internal environment. We can also meet your needs for PCI compliance and industry-specific audit controls.

Find out more about Hybris Commerce Suite and AT&T Synaptic Hosting today.


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Hybris Commerce Suite Considerations

As you think about hosting and management services for Hybris Commerce Suite, consider these questions:

Are your sales initiatives being held back by outdated systems?

To remain competitive, you need to take new approaches to attracting and keeping customers. Yet, older eCommerce systems often lack the flexibility to support change and innovation. As hardware and software ages and falls out of support, maintenance costs soar. With tight financial constraints, the cost of an upgrade may be out of the question.

Leveraging our economy of scale across multiple eCommerce clients, AT&T invests in the latest hardware and software resources. Further, we continually update, patch, tune and maintain these resources as part of a fully managed Hybris Commerce Suite solution.

Do you need to reduce capital investments?

Instead of tying up capital in extra servers and storage resources for your own data center, you can host your Hybris solutions with AT&T and pay a monthly fee instead. A virtual, scalable environment also lets you expand your technology footprint more quickly and cost-effectively.

Further, hosting services from AT&T can free capital for more important things, like developing new products, funding new marketing promotions and creating compelling new web experiences that drive profits.

Do you have Hybris expertise in-house?

Getting the most value from any software investment requires skilled expertise. This is especially critical for eCommerce applications where functionality is so closely tied to revenue generation. You need to trust application management to an experienced staff, which can be difficult to build and retain.

When you choose AT&T for your Hybris solutions, you can benefit from our 15-year history in eCommerce application management, the resources of a large company, proven processes and a “high touch” support experience that would be hard to match in-house.

Do you need a global Hybris solution?

AT&T has 38 Internet Data Centers around the world, so you can have one provider to support your current global presence or your future global expansion plans.

Do you need help transitioning to a new Hybris Commerce Suite platform?

We can help you gather requirements and create the technical specifications for your Hybris environment. We can also arrange for migration services to help you move from an older Hybris solution to the new Hybris Commerce Suite.

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Service Delivery for the Hybris Commerce Suite

As part of our Hybris Commerce Suite offering, AT&T provides:

  • Design, testing and implementation services for the Hybris solutions in an AT&T Internet Data Center
  • A fully managed environment for Hybris on the AT&T Synaptic Infrastructure, a utility computing platform
  • Payment Card Industry(PCI) certification for the AT&T hosting and application management environments
  • A service level agreement for 99.9% availability of the Hybris application
  • Application management, including the operating system, web servers, database, middleware and the Hybris platform

Support for the Hybris Commerce Suite

Your AT&T support team includes a client executive, client service manager and client technical lead. Acting as an extension of your internal team, they are committed to helping you achieve your eCommerce objectives. On-going, 24/7 coverage includes:

  • Multi-layered support from a named or dedicated team that understands your business needs and Hybris technology
  • Change management for prompt, accurate and documented system changes
  • Proactive and preventive services, such as continuous monitoring of operations and performance, patch management and hot fixes
  • Access to the Business Direct (client) portal to view performance data and run reports
  • Network and security management
  • Advanced performance review and analysis by certified professionals
  • Application services for load testing and advanced troubleshooting, enhancements and support, and disaster recovery.

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