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Increasing Performance for ATG Commerce Applications

Do you worry about the availability and performance of your online revenue channel? Do you spend more time managing eCommerce applications than you do helping the business take full advantage of their capabilities?

If so, AT&T eCommerce application services can ease those pressures, so you can shift focus from application management to winning customers, selling products and providing a highly personalized shopping experience for customers.

Offload application management for ATG Commerce

Your customers are ready to buy. Are your applications ready to respond? Make sure the online experience is a positive one with ATG application management services from AT&T.

Application management services from AT&T enable you to offload time-consuming tasks to a team of certified eCommerce application experts. And, you can do so cost effectively, when you consider the expenses involved in retaining an in-house staff.

After managing applications for hundreds of clients who rely on eCommerce software every day, AT&T knows how to help you:

  • Get more value from your ATG Commerce investments
  • Maintain optimal application performance to reduce costly downtime
  • Create a positive and meaningful shopping experience
  • Improve online revenue potential
  • Enable faster page load times with AT&T Content Acceleration service

And, with AT&T eCommerce hosting services, you can offload infrastructure management, too. You help reduce capital expenses by hosting your ATG applications in an AT&T Internet Data Center utilizing AT&T scalable Synaptic Infrastructure. For example, with AT&T Synaptic Infrastructure, a utility-based virtualized hosting platform, you secure a baseline of capacity. If you need more capacity in the short term, your infrastructure “bursts” and you pay for the additional capacity you use, only when you use it.

Work with a trusted ATG service provider

If ATG applications run your website, you should consider letting AT&T run your ATG applications because AT&T is:

  • Experienced in managing eCommerce applications for more than a decade
  • One of the few providers offering full ATG application management services
  • An exclusive hosting services provider for ATG® OnDemand, a software-as-a-service solution

Find out more about how application management services and hosting services from AT&T can help you win the competition for customer attention, sales and loyalty.

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If you’re thinking about engaging a service provider for your ATG application management, here are some things you may be considering:

Should you manage ATG Commerce applications in-house?

Do you have time for a major application rollout? Initial deployment is only the start of the application lifecycle. Maintaining top performance takes a high level of expertise and daily application upkeep. Busy internal staff may fall behind on these critical tasks or lack the skill sets needed to properly maintain applications, which can significantly impact website performance and availability.

How do you get more value from eCommerce investments in a tough economy?

Maintaining your eCommerce applications and keeping them finely tuned is only one way to get the most from your investments. Another way is to focus efforts on key enhancements that make the online experience more personal and meaningful for customers.

You can do that by upgrading your ATG Commerce applications to take advantage of the new functionality they offer. AT&T application consulting services can manage the upgrade for you, so you can focus on using the new capabilities as a competitive advantage.

Should you host the ATG Commerce applications yourself?

Consider equipment and staffing costs, plus the need to make the infrastructure compliant, secure and scalable enough for online transactions with fluctuating demands. AT&T hosting services, from co-location to cloud services, can help reduce that capital outlay with a predictable monthly service fee.

Most importantly, when AT&T hosts your eCommerce applications, you can greatly reduce complexity with a single source for application, hosting and consulting services.

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Service Delivery

ATG application management from AT&T includes:

  • Configuring the software to your specific needs
  • Deployment in your data center or in an AT&T Internet Data Center
  • Proactive and continuous monitoring of application performance
  • Patch management and hot fixes
  • Change management to help document and speed system changes

Fee-based AT&T application consulting services for ATG Commerce can include:

  • Discovery workshops to gather requirements, define business goals and next steps
  • Application upgrades and new software implementations
  • Customizations and enhancements
  • Custom application development
  • Integration with third-party solutions
  • Quality assurance and load testing
  • Troubleshooting and optimization services

Customer Support

AT&T supports your ATG Commerce applications with:

  • A dedicated 24x7 support team that understands your environment and business needs
  • A customer portal with self-service tools for performance monitoring and reporting
  • Advanced performance reviews and analysis to help maintain application uptime

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Transform the shopping experience for your customers with AT&T application services for ATG Commerce.

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