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Providing Insight into Customer Behavior with Siebel® CRM

Do you know who is buying your products, what they are buying, how often and from where?

With Siebel application management services from AT&T, you can focus less on gathering customer information and more on using it for a competitive advantage.

With Oracle® Siebel® applications for customer relationship management (CRM), you can achieve this visibility. By providing a 360-degree view into customer behavior, you can spot trends and take action to build revenue and customer loyalty.

But when applications aren't monitored or managed correctly, insight into customer behavior can be blocked by performance issues. Application management and hosting services from AT&T can help you regain that visibility while you reap more value from your Siebel investments.

Benefit from Siebel CRM application management experts

With more than 15 years of experience in hosting and application management, backed by technical and functional expertise in Siebel and Oracle applications, AT&T can help you:

  • Get up and running quickly
  • Optimize applications to support CRM objectives and improve ROI
  • Consolidate information across customer interaction points
  • Prevent performance problems with proactive monitoring and management
  • Free your staff from daily management of the application
  • Reduce capital expenditures with AT&T hosting services

Managing complexity across a mixed environment

Getting the most from your CRM solution requires seamless coordination and integration between applications and business processes across your customer-facing operations.

Since we manage enterprise applications for hundreds of clients, AT&T understands the complexities of heterogeneous software environments. We can help you integrate customer data for visibility into pre-sale and post-sale activities across the enterprise - from marketing, sales and delivery to follow-on support and incentive programs.

Focus on the customer

A complete AT&T solution for Siebel application management, inclusive of hosting and support, frees you to focus on creating a customer-centric business model for stronger relationships and revenue possibilities, at a time when you need them the most.

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As you consider Siebel® application management services from AT&T, here are some questions you may have:

Should you work with a service provider for Siebel application management?

Siebel applications compile information from diverse data sources and organizations to present it in a meaningful way to customer-facing employees. Getting to that point means internal staff must take part in a complicated, lengthy integration project. These can be massive undertakings for IT and business managers across multiple operational areas.

AT&T manages some of the largest Siebel implementations in the world. As a result, we know how to manage the people, processes, critical interfaces and technologies involved in enterprise-wide Siebel solutions during deployment and beyond.

Are your Siebel CRM applications delivering the value you think they should?

Without the application-specific expertise needed to optimize existing Siebel software or apply new software capabilities, you may be missing out on opportunities.

AT&T application experts can help you adopt the full capabilities of Seibel - from improving contact management and proposal tracking to automating promotional campaigns and integrating cross-channel activities. Further, you can extend Siebel applications to mobile employees to expand the value they bring to your company.

Should you host your Siebel applications on-premise?

AT&T hosting services can help reduce the cost and complexity of building and managing your own infrastructure. You take advantage of a global infrastructure and network from AT&T with enterprise-class security and availability to help keep users productive and responsive to customers.

Flexible hosting models from co-location to cloud make it easier to choose the option that's right for your business. A single source for hosting and Siebel application management also releases you from managing multiple vendor relationships, so you can focus on managing customer relationships instead.


AT&T solution architects can assess your needs and recommend a solution design to help meet performance, scalability and availability demands, as well as your requirements for multi-layered security, data protection and compliance.

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Service Delivery

AT&T hosting and Siebel application management services include:

  • New software implementations or migrations
  • Hosting in your data center or AT&T Internet Data Centers
  • Technical and functional expertise to optimize applications
  • Interface development and management
  • Full application lifecycle management
  • High availability Service Level Agreement (SLA) for 99.9 percent availability
  • Flexible pricing plans and predictable monthly costs

Customer Support

AT&T supports your Siebel® CRM applications with:

  • A designated account lead for a single point of contact
  • 7x24x365 access to a designated support team
  • Continuous monitoring of systems, applications, networks and interfaces
  • Documented change and patch management, fixes and updates
  • An online portal to monitor application performance, generate reports, track the status of changes and more

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If you want to shift your attention from managing applications to making profitable customer relationships, contact a Siebel® application management specialist from AT&T today.

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