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PeopleSoft: Application Upkeep [12:30]

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Maximize Performance with PeopleSoft Enterprise

You invested in Oracle® PeopleSoft® Enterprise applications to simplify, standardize and automate business processes for faster turnaround, approvals and workflows. But that speed may be hampered if your staff falls behind in daily application management tasks that are so critical to maximizing performance.

At that point, you're not only sacrificing business efficiency, you're sacrificing application value. Caught on the upkeep treadmill, your staff has no time to implement the full range of PeopleSoft Enterprise capabilities, let alone new functionality that could differentiate your business.

Simplify application management across the lifecycle

We needed to supplement our existing knowledge with somebody who understands PeopleSoft. The fact that AT&T is an Oracle Platinum Partner was very important to us."

Andre Khillawan, Senior Director, Financial Planning and Analysis, HMS Holdings Corp.

Read the PeopleSoft Enterprise Application Management Case Study

When AT&T hosts and manages your PeopleSoft Enterprise applications, we take full responsibility for the environment - from implementation and infrastructure management to operational support.

We bring best practice approaches, proven methodologies and over a decade of PeopleSoft Enterprise application management experience into every project to help:

  • Get PeopleSoft Enterprise software up and running smoothly and quickly
  • Deploy PeopleSoft Enterprise applications in AT&T or client data centers
  • Bring pre-tested applications into the production environment
  • Optimize applications to streamline business processes
  • Maintain top application performance for transaction processing and analytics
  • Extend applications to mobile users

As a result, you can confidently move forward with PeopleSoft Enterprise projects and shift your attention to more strategic activities.

Advancing the business with new capabilities

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, we have the expertise needed to implement modules within PeopleSoft Enterprise that may be "stuck on the shelf."

Whether caused by reduced staff or budgets, some modules never get rolled out. The same reason may be keeping you from adopting new PeopleSoft Enterprise releases. The good news is that the capabilities of these existing or new features can extend far beyond basic functionality to help you:
  • Simplify transaction flows to increase productivity, despite smaller staffs
  • Standardize processes to lower operational costs and increase efficiency
  • Automate workflows to accelerate approvals, notifications and decision making

A wide range of PeopleSoft Enterprise solutions

With expertise across these PeopleSoft® Enterprise solutions, AT&T can help ease deployment and reduce the need to take on the financial burden of new staff and systems.
  • PeopleSoft® Enterprise Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • PeopleSoft® Enterprise Financial Management
  • PeopleSoft® Enterprise Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • PeopleSoft® Enterprise Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • PeopleSoft® Enterprise Performance Management
  • PeopleSoft® Enterprise Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

PeopleSoft Enterprise application management from AT&T

Let AT&T help you get the most value from the performance engine that drives processes across your business: PeopleSoft Enterprise applications.

We also offer hosting solutions and application services for other leading enterprise applications and eCommerce applications.

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AT&T Payroll BPO Services for Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise [Service Brochure]

AT&T Hosting & Application Services simplifies your efforts and saves you money. Using Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management, AT&T’s payroll specialists will work with you to deliver flexible services that fit your business.

Benefits Administration Services for PeopleSoft [Service Brochure]

Let AT&T prepare your PeopleSoft system for Open Enrollment and provide full-service application hosting, management and support.

SWIFT Implementation of Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise [Service Brochure]

With AT&T's SWIFT service, midsized companies can save money on Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise implementation and operation. You get a "starter package” of basic capabilities in PeopleSoft Enterprise HCM to run HR and payroll, plus implementation in as little as 14 weeks.

Professional Services for Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise [Service Brochure]

AT&T can help you put the right PeopleSoft solution in place based on your goals,software and infrastructure. We have a wide range of capabilities, from full implementation to upgrades, integration and enhancements.

AT&T Services for Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise [Service Brochure]

AT&T Hosting & Application Services will be your trusted provider at every phase of the application lifecycle. We can take complete responsibility for your Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise environment – from implementation and infrastructure management to operational support.

AT&T Subscription Service for Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise HCM with BPO Payroll [Service Brochure]

Take advantage of Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise human resources and payroll software by subscription, and at the same time benefit from AT&T's managed hosting and payroll outsourcing services. The result: an easy and affordable HR and payroll solution.

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HMS Holdings Writes its own PeopleSoft Prescription [Case Study]

Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications managed and hosted by AT&T

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PeopleSoft: Application Upkeep [Audio, 12:30]

Leveraging software tools can help with cash generation, forecasting, marketing and procurement consolidation.

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Five Ways to Get More Value from Your Oracle Applications [White Paper]

Five ways to tap into the value of your Oracle applications to help differentiate your enterprise now and in the years ahead.

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As you think about your PeopleSoft® Enterprise project, here are some questions you may have:

Should you host and manage PeopleSoft Enterprise applications yourself?

Compare infrastructure and staffing costs with our flexible monthly hosting fees. As a certified PeopleSoft Enterprise partner, AT&T also knows how to get the most from PeopleSoft Enterprise solutions.

PeopleSoft Solutions: Learn how you can reduce costs and help increase productivity with the right strategic partner.

Get More from Your PeopleSoft® Investments

Discover how you can reduce costs, minimize downtime, and streamline ERP software upgrade processes with help from the right strategic partner.

Watch on demand.

AT&T Internet Data Centers can provide enterprise-class security and availability, plus the dynamic scalability to manage business change, such as mergers, acquisitions or spinoffs. From co-location to cloud, flexible service delivery options make it easy to find the right solution. Combine hosting  and PeopleSoft Enterprise application management with our PeopleSoft Enterprise payroll and payroll tax services [PDF, 736KB] for a comprehensive solution from one provider

What PeopleSoft Enterprise investments will bring the best return?

We can help you target areas for the greatest impact on your transaction flow, such as:

  • Existing functionality missed in the initial deployment
  • Workflow bottlenecks in key processes, such as procurement, to drive costs out and efficiency in
  • Business intelligence modules, which can deliver near real-time views into operations
  • Strategic sourcing tools that can analyze and consolidate spending
  • Other solutions to help trim compliance expenses.

After deployment, how do you manage upgrade or integration projects?

AT&T can assist you with integration projects, upgrades, software implementations, customizations and enhancements. With a thorough understanding of PeopleSoft Enterprise applications and business processes, and your existing environment, the AT&T professional services team can be your best choice for follow-on projects.

Do you need to extend PeopleSoft Enterprise applications to the mobile perimeter?

AT&T can help you mobilize your PeopleSoft Enterprise applications to streamline executive-level decision making. Execs can approve transactions, examine reports and quickly react to business events from nearly anywhere, taking advantage of the nation's fastest 3G network to speed response time.

Where do you start?

An AT&T Discovery Workshop for primary stakeholders can help clarify business goals, identify requirements, promote buy-in and outline next steps to save you time during the planning phase.


AT&T solution architects can assess your needs, then recommend an infrastructure design to help meet performance, scalability and availability demands, as well as integration with front- and back-end systems. We can also incorporate multi-layered security into the design to help you protect sensitive data and meet compliance demands.

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Service Delivery

PeopleSoft® application management services from AT&T supporting your PeopleSoft Enterprise application include:

  • Initial software installation, upgrade or migration
  • Hosting in world-class AT&T Internet Data Centers or in your site
  • Optimizing the application for your business
  • Interface development
  • High availability Service Level Agreement (SLA) for 99.9 percent availability
  • Business process SLAs
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Optional subscription-based payroll and payroll tax services

Application consulting services for PeopleSoft Enterprise, delivered by our professional services team, can include:

  • Discovery workshops
  • Additional software implementations
  • Integrations
  • Upgrades
  • Customizations and enhancements

Customer Support

AT&T supports your PeopleSoft Enterprise applications with:

  • A single point of contact to resolve issues and spot improvement opportunities
  • Proactive monitoring of application, infrastructure and interfaces
  • Patches, fixes and updates
  • 24x7 global support
  • Functional support to address "How do I?" questions
  • An online portal to monitor application performance, generate reports, track the status of changes and cases and communicate with your support team

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