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AT&T Managed Application Services for Oracle: Your Juggling Days are Over [1:24]

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Managing Your Oracle® Applications for More Value

Rolling out new applications can be a costly and time-intensive undertaking. And this upfront work is just the beginning of the software cycle. Like any application, Oracle applications require on-going management tasks, plus critical updates and fixes.

Yet all of this work is really only about maintaining the status quo, not maximizing the true value of Oracle applications to advance the business. For that you need the sophisticated level of expertise provided by AT&T Oracle application management experts.

Simplify your Oracle deployment

Since AT&T manages applications for some of the world’s largest enterprises, we can apply best-practice approaches and proven methodologies to help you:

Now I don’t have to sweat the small stuff because they are sweating it for me.”

Nathan Mirro, IT Director, Anderson Hay & Grain

Read the Oracle Application Management Case Study

  • Handle new Oracle application installations, upgrades or migrations
  • Move into production with pre-tested applications for smooth rollouts
  • Optimize Oracle applications to support your business processes
  • Perform lifecycle management tasks
  • Focus on business, not software issues

Get more capabilities from your Oracle application

AT&T is an Oracle Platinum Partner with more than 15 years of experience managing the Oracle E-Business suite of applications. As a result our Oracle application management experts can help you:

  • Maintain optimum application performance
  • Unlock the full functionality of existing Oracle applications to increase ROI and maximize application value
  • Bring new capabilities to the business to help improve customer service and get faster turnaround on tasks, approvals and notifications

A broad scope of solutions for your Oracle applications

AT&T has application-specific management expertise across a wide range of Oracle solutions. As you adopt any of these applications, you won’t have to worry about hiring or retaining internal staff for management of the Oracle software:

  • Oracle® E-Business Suite (EBS)
  • Oracle® Fusion Middleware
  • Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)
  • Oracle® PeopleSoft Enterprise
  • Oracle® Hyperion
  • Oracle® Siebel

AT&T for managing your Oracle applications

Find out about other AT&T service offerings for your Oracle applications, including hosting services and application consulting services. We also offer application services for other leading enterprise applications and eCommerce applications.

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All Oracle Application Management Resources

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AT&T Services for Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition [Service Brochure]

AT&T offers a full range of services for installing your Oracle Business Intelligence application, configuring it for your needs, hosting and managing it, and maintaining superior performance.

Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade Value Assessment [Service Brochure]

AT&T's Upgrade Value Assessment for Oracle R12 allows us to determine how well the application will meet your business needs and give you an estimate of your upgrade costs.

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AT&T draws on lessons learned from a decade of experience with Oracle applications to outfit you with the right solution to meet your goals. Our wide range of capabilities includes full implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite, upgrades, integration and enhancements.

Oracle Application Services from AT&T [Service Brochure]

AT&T can host, manage and support your Oracle applications - keeping them running smoothly and allowing you to reap their full business value.

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Anderson Hay & Grain Extends its Oracle Application to its Roots [Case Study]

Oracle E-Business Suite hosted and managed by AT&T extended to tablet devices with mobile application for in-field data capture.

Upgrade Keeps Hercules Offshore a Well-Oiled Machine [Case Study]

Enterprise software upgrade improves key applications without burdening IT staff.

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AT&T Managed Application Services for Oracle: Your Juggling Days are Over [Video, 1:24]

With AT&T, you have a single provider to host and manage multiple Oracle applications for you, so you can focus on more important things.

Oracle: Application Upkeep [Audio, 12:39]

Your investment in the Oracle E-Business Suite of applications requires care and feeding to extract maximum performance.

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To SaaS or not to SaaS? The buy vs. lease debate for ERP applications like Oracle [White Paper]

Renee Wells from AT&T provides some insight into getting more from your software investments now and how a SaaS model can be added into a strategic mix of delivery models for your ERP applications.

Five Ways to Get More Value from Your Oracle Applications [White Paper]

Five ways to tap into the value of your Oracle applications to help differentiate your enterprise now and in the years ahead.

Is an Oracle Upgrade Right for You? [White Paper]

A systematic assessment can streamline the shift to Oracle R12.

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As you think about the best way to manage your Oracle applications, you may have these questions:

Should your in-house staff manage your Oracle applications?

On-going application upkeep can be a lot like treading water - you have to keep moving just to stay afloat. It leaves little time to optimize the applications, and that’s where their true value lies. The skill sets needed to do so are also hard to find and expensive to maintain.

AT&T Oracle application management experts can do more than take over daily upkeep tasks.  They can help you take full advantage of software capabilities to simplify, standardize and automate business processes across your enterprise.

Should you put your Oracle upgrade off for a better time?

Now isn’t the time to be running the business on outdated software. Upgrading applications brings new capabilities to the business in an economy where you need a competitive advantage.

AT&T can manage the upgrade for you. Our application consulting team knows how to minimize disruption and streamline completion to help make your transition successful. You can avoid the risks of running old software while adopting new functionality to support business growth. If you want to determine if an upgrade is right for you now, find out about the AT&T Upgrade Value Assessment Service for Oracle Applications [PDF, 732KB].

Should you host your Oracle applications on site?

A single source for application, hosting and consulting services can greatly decrease complexity because one provider understands your environment and business requirements. It also eliminates the need to manage multiple vendor relationships.

With AT&T hosting services, we can host your applications in one or more of our highly secure, world-class data centers, where they are continuously monitored and supported 24x7x365 by our team of highly skilled professionals.

Flexible pricing plans and a range of other deployment models – from dedicated, shared, single- or multi-tenant options to managed hosting, colocation and utility computing – makes it easy to choose the hosting solution that’s right for your business. And you can change deployment models without changing hosting partners.

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To drive more value from your Oracle applications, contact AT&T today.

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