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Flexible Messaging Services, Full Lifecycle Support

When it comes to enterprise messaging and collaboration applications, user demands are unrelenting. They expect solutions to be rolled out with the speed and agility of downloading the latest personal smartphone application. On-going management tasks add to the stress, especially amidst staff and budget cutbacks.

Microsoft Application Management

Read the Microsoft Lync Server product brief

Take advantage of Microsoft Lync Server and AT&T Hosting Services to manage and host your application throughout its lifecycle.

Read the Microsoft Lync Server product brief

AT&T provides hosting and full lifecycle management services for these Microsoft solutions - along with flexibility, global reach and responsive support that can be hard to find with other service providers:

  • Microsoft® Exchange Server
  • Microsoft® Lync™ Server
  • Microsoft® SharePoint® Server

Exchange, Lync and SharePoint experts

AT&T is a member of Microsoft Partner Network with 10+ years of experience managing Microsoft applications and competencies in Portals and Collaboration, Unified Communications, and Hosting. Services extend from implementation to on-going support - delivered by a designated team with a deep knowledge of your Exchange, Lync and SharePoint environments to help:

  • Decrease deployment time for new capabilities from months to weeks
  • Maintain optimal application performance
  • Unlock full functionality to improve ROI and value
  • Address needs for anytime, anywhere, any device data access
  • Reduce the need for in-house experts
  • Devote attention to core business
  • Decrease budget pressures with a predictable service cost

Realize more flexibility with Microsoft Application Management

With AT&T, you can incorporate a range of solutions into a dedicated Exchange, Lync or SharePoint environment, so you can take advantage of:

  • Best-of-breed third-party applications to provide additions such as security or archiving
  • Integration with on premises packaged or custom applications
  • Freedom to adopt new software functionality on your schedule
  • Management services for add-on applications

Performance and reach of the AT&T network

With application performance tightly linked to network performance, it makes sense for your network provider to be your Exchange, Lync and SharePoint service provider. With AT&T, you can benefit from:

  • Direct, low-latency connections to the global AT&T IP network
  • Tight integration with your network and Active Directory for single sign-on
  • 38 AT&T global data centers with five regional hubs for expansion
  • Multi-layered security of the AT&T network
  • Integrated SharePoint services and the AT&T cloud storage platform to reduce cost of storage
  • Improved SharePoint site performance via WAN Acceleration services and AT&T content delivery services.

Introduce new Exchange, Lync and SharePoint capabilities

Users don't like waiting in line for new functionality. AT&T can help you:

  • Better manage the upgrade cycle, and reduce delivery bottlenecks
  • Quickly rollout new Exchange, Lync and SharePoint features
  • Open up new lines of communication between your distributed teams and improve the way teams work together by maximizing the capabilities of new functionalities for Exchange, Lync and SharePoint
  • Integrate data, voice and video with unified messaging and unified communications

Learn more about AT&T solutions for Exchange, Lync and SharePoint today, along with our other services for enterprise applications and eCommerce applications.

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As you consider AT&T services, here are some questions you may have:

Will the Exchange, Lync and SharePoint applications AT&T manages integrate with the custom or third-party applications you use?

Whether your specialized Microsoft applications are hosted on premises or in a dedicated AT&T environment, you can bring customized and best-of-breed third-party solutions into your Exchange, Lync and SharePoint environments.

When AT&T hosts your applications, our instance of Active Directory integrates with yours for a more seamless end-user experience, easier provisioning and tighter integration with other applications. These requirements are incorporated into your design. We also conduct workshops for in-depth discovery and planning.

Can AT&T help you migrate from older versions of Microsoft or other software?

AT&T provides migration services from older versions of Exchange, SharePoint and Office Communication Server (now Lync) and other platforms, such as IBM® Lotus Notes®.

To help reduce costs and risks, we provide a detailed plan and design for the initial migration, as well as for post-migration operations and support. Our methodology includes a detailed discovery of the existing environment, a review of the current operational model, a gap analysis and business risk assessment.

Can AT&T create a multi-data center environment for global users and for business continuity?

During the planning stage, we gather information about user locations and business continuity needs to design a geographically distributed deployment.

When AT&T hosts your Exchange, Lync and SharePoint applications, you have access to 38 worldwide AT&T Internet Data Centers, connected via the AT&T global IP network. So, you can easily roll out multi-data center deployments to help support regional users and data storage regulations of specific countries or regions. A primary data center supporting users in a local region can also be a disaster recovery site for another region.

Will you be able to use the full capabilities of the applications?

This application management service can be delivered via a dedicated environment, allowing you to unlock the full potential of Exchange, Lync and SharePoint applications.


Working as an extension of your internal IT staff, AT&T helps you design an Exchange, Lync and SharePoint environment that meets your needs as we:

  • Use pre-built standard components to ease the design process
  • Apply leading industry practices and methodologies for a dependable environment
  • Use lessons learned from Microsoft application management experience
  • Map business processes to application functionality

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Service Delivery

Application management services from AT&T include:

  • Initial software implementations, upgrades or migrations
  • Deployment in a dedicated AT&T environment
  • Active Directory integration and synchronization
  • Full application lifecycle support
  • Implementation of specialized solutions for security, archiving, compliance, eDiscovery and mobility
  • Guaranteed service levels agreement for application performance
  • A designated, named support team
  • Flexible options for integrating and managing on premises or hosted add-on third-party applications

Customer Support

With AT&T, you don't contact a call center for support. You have a direct line into a designated, named support team responsible for your application environment. Your client executive oversees the relationship from a strategic, technology and business perspective.

Your AT&T support team:

  • Delivers 24x7 support
  • Continuously monitors and maintains applications
  • Applies hot fixes and patches
  • Provides help desk-to-help desk support
  • Monitors and manages add-on applications

In addition, you have access to the AT&T BusinessDirect® portal for online and real-time visibility into your environment, account information, trouble tickets, bill summaries, performance and usage reports and more.

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If you want to free your staff to communicate more and manage applications less, contact AT&T about Microsoft application services today.

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