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Increase Financial Insight with Hyperion Application Management

In today's environment, enterprises are under intense pressure to demonstrate sound financial judgment. You need keen insight into your financial health to make the right decisions. That's exactly what Oracle® Hyperion Financial Management applications are designed to do.

As a companion to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, Oracle Hyperion performance management application can unlock the hidden value of information within those applications to reveal new financial insights.

But it takes a mix of infrastructure, application and financial expertise to release that value - a complex skill set to find and retain in house.

Let AT&T host and manage your application which will free you to focus on gaining the financial insight you need for business.

Diverse expertise on tap

Using Oracle Hyperion application management and AT&T as your hosting services provider, you tap into more than a decade's worth of deep functional and technical expertise with:

  • Oracle Hyperion applications
  • Application lifecycle management
  • Enterprise hosting for mission-critical solutions
  • Solid understanding of financial operations
  • Managing hybrid environments

All this helps us bring out the full potential of Oracle Hyperion management applications: Consolidating data across mixed environments to produce an accurate and insightful financial view.

Integrating diverse inputs leads to better informed decisions

Oracle Hyperion management application isn't a standalone solution. It draws data from source systems across your enterprise, creating multiple integration points. A breakdown at any of these points could cause more than a delay in consolidation and reporting - it could lead to incomplete, inaccurate financial reports and faulty analysis.

As part of our application management services, we can:

  • Develop critical interfaces between your Oracle Hyperion management application and the source systems
  • Manage interfaces on an on-going basis
  • Streamline data flows
  • Help speed information to decision makers

Boosting bandwidth and performance

Oracle Hyperion management application creates very large files that require significant bandwidth for data transfer and vast CPU and memory resources to consolidate data and generate reports. Supporting these demands in house requires a large infrastructure investment at a time when IT budgets are getting smaller.

With application management and hosting services from AT&T you can take advantage of:

  • The AT&T Global IP network
  • Scalable Synaptic infrastructure
  • Service level agreement for 99.9% availability
  • Fast information delivery where and when you need it

Getting a clear financial view

Don't spend your time managing applications, interfaces and infrastructures. Let application management and hosting services from AT&T help free your IT staff to focus on their business priorities.

AT&T also offers application services for other leading enterprise and eCommerce applications, along with application consulting services.

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As you assess Oracle Hyperion performance application management services for your business, here are some things you may want to consider:

Should your in-house staff manage your Oracle Hyperion applications?

Application management is an on-going cycle - from installing, configuring and tuning the software to monitoring, managing, supporting and upgrading it. Oracle Hyperion applications also require interface development between multiple, diverse systems. If applications and interfaces are not managed correctly, decision-making information may be sitting dormant in disparate databases, of little value to you.

AT&T can manage the full application lifecycle for you, including critical interfaces, so you can focus on more valuable activities, like your company's financial future.

Are your Oracle Hyperion applications delivering the results you expected?

Oracle Hyperion applications are powerful financial tools. But time or resource constraints may keep you from implementing all of the modules you purchased, or rolling out new capabilities as they become available.

So you may be missing out on key functionality that could bring more value to your business - like cutting days from your quarterly financial reporting or reducing compliance costs. The AT&T application consulting team can help determine which Oracle Hyperion application modules can help deliver the business results you need.

Should you host Oracle Hyperion applications on site?

With Oracle Hyperion, massive files are transferred between systems and the computing resources needed to churn through data and generate reports are demanding. Supporting these processes in house means large capital investments in equipment.

Using AT&T as your hosting service provider for your Oracle Hyperion applications can help reduce capital costs with a predictable monthly fee. You can have the scalability and high bandwidth you need, plus a range of pricing and service delivery options, from co-location to cloud services. A complete solution for hosting, managing and supporting your Oracle Hyperion environment also gives you the simplicity of a single contact for all services.


AT&T solution architects can assess your Oracle Hyperion requirements and recommend an infrastructure design to help meet performance, scalability and availability demands, along with multi-layered security for data protection and compliance.

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Service Delivery

Oracle Hyperion application management services from AT&T include:

  • Initial software installation, upgrade or migration
  • Hosting in an AT&T world-class data center on your site
  • Optimizing the Hyperion application
  • Interface development for links to source systems
  • 99.9 % Service level agreement (SLA)
  • Remote application management for on-site deployments
  • Flexible pricing options

Customer Support

Your AT&T support team knows your business and technology environment and provides a single point of contact to manage your services, resolve issues and spot opportunities for improvement. Services include:

  • 24x7 global support
  • A dedicated account lead and support team
  • Proactive 24x7 monitoring and maintenance of systems, networks, applications and interfaces
  • Change and patch management, fixes and updates
  • An online portal to monitor application performance, generate reports, track requests and contact your support team

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Let AT&T focus on hosting and application management, so you can focus on gaining the financial insight you need to lead your company in the future.

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