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Learn about the Internet of Things and how linking networks, devices, and data, help businesses sense and adapt to change proactively. Connecting more IoT devices than any other provider in North America with a global network that reaches over 200 countries and territories, AT&T is your leader in the Internet of Things.

Making the supply chain extraordinarily strong

What if your shipments could help with their own management? They can with AT&T Asset Management solutions. You'll know when temperatures are getting too high or the ride's a little bumpy (and more) — in near-real time, at almost every point in the supply chain journey.

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Stay aware of changing conditions

If a shipment's getting too hot or too cold, you should know. Not to mention being able to keep up with a host of other variables. With custom alerts on temperature changes, vibration, and more, you can make the necessary adjustments.

“72° … just how I like it.”

Mitigate theft

Designated geofences can detect sudden changes in light or vibration, signifying possible damage or attempted theft and alerting you in near-real time.

“Unusual movement detected!”

Minimize down time

With automated recording of arrival times, you'll know how long containers have been sitting idle. Don't let them take up space on your lot. Put them back to work and increase revenue.

“Idle Time: 03:22:10”

Finding smarter ways to supply energy

With new technology comes new opportunities to save more energy. That's great for the community and for business, which is why we're constantly looking for new solutions to help at every level, from power plants to residential homes.

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Reduce and prevent outages

When transformers can report voltage levels and area usage, you can predict where maintenance is required and keep the neighborhood happy.

“The voltage I'm handling is higher than normal.”

Optimize energy supply and demand

Intelligent metering solutions allow utility companies and their customers to monitor energy use. By reducing consumption at peak times customers can lower their bills and suppliers can dynamically improve power utilization throughout the grid.

“We could better manage demand by discounting the off hours.”

Stay flexible and save on operating costs

With AT&T Smart Grid Prepaid Billing, customers with limited budgets or credit issues have the flexibility to pay as they go. It's a win-win, as it reduces your billing and customer-care costs.

“All good over here. I'm prepaid through the month.”

Revitalizing healthcare

When it comes to healthcare, nothing matters more than dependable and timely information. And that's precisely what our Internet of Things health team delivers with everything from connected hospitals to remote patient monitoring.

Explore AT&T Healthcare solutions >

Help patients manage their own care

Elderly patients can extend their independence longer than usual thanks to the Internet of Things. Connected devices can remind them when it's time to take medication, track their wellness and fitness goals, and provide regular health updates to a monitoring physician.

“It's Tuesday. Take one pill in the morning and one at night.”

Improve ambulance dispatch

Thanks to integrated dispatch systems, emergency responders can assess a situation while en route to a destination. Meanwhile, the hospital can track the ambulance's location and receive a real-time data stream of the patient's vital signs, so ER workers can prepare for a successful operation.

“We've received the patient's data and are five minutes away.”

Monitor patients remotely

Things are becoming more convenient for patients and doctors. A simple, connected, mobile device can provide vital stats to doctors to help them track and adjust outpatient treatment. And patients can receive real-time feedback on their progress without the need for appointments.

“Ike's responding well to his new meds.”

Making the neighborhood a better place to live

Useful data can come from almost anywhere: Utilities, cars, trashcans, even lampposts. And when businesses use this information for residential solutions, everyone benefits.

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Inspire consumer confidence

When machines can talk to other machines at every step in the supply chain, consumers don't have to perform guesswork anymore. You can let them know where your product was sourced, when it was shipped, when it arrived, and (if it has an expiration date) when it's due to expire.

“We were picked at the farm just yesterday.”

Track emerging trends with wearable tech

Wearable technology is poised to revolutionize a number of industries. Just a few examples: Health stats can be tracked in near-real time to help doctors fine-tune treatments. Law enforcement can predict where crowds may be forming and respond appropriately. Products can gather usage data and suggest improvements to their manufacturers.

“Five minutes at max heart rate. Time to rest.”

Improve traffic flow

Connectivity to an object can extend your five senses to almost any location. In the case of the smart lamppost, you'll have eyes and ears on the street at all times. So you'll know when traffic has been steadily increasing over time and can install necessary stoplights or adjust the timing of existing signals accordingly.

“Adding five seconds to this red light would improve traffic flow.”

Putting new infrastructure solutions on the map

A city's quality of life is directly related to its infrastructure. Our Smart Cities solutions were designed to improve infrastructure from nearly every angle, including utilities, traffic coordination, and even garbage collection.

Explore AT&T Smart Cities solutions >

Make sure utilities are running smoothly

Regular garbage pickup routes are becoming obsolete. With Bin-Level Monitoring, sensors can alert facilities when bins are full and ready for pickup. That means less traffic, less pollution, and less time waiting for pickup.

“We're running 33% higher than usual.”

Drive safer

What if cars “knew” where traffic jams were unfolding and could provide automatic reroutes? What if they tracked their own maintenance needs and scheduled service before mechanical issues developed? What if they learned a driver's musical preferences — just because? All of this is happening now as we perfect the connected car with a number of major auto manufacturers.

“I know a better route if you want to avoid traffic.”

Keep the city (and its air) clean

In good times, utilities are important. During unforeseen events such as inclement weather, they're critical. With AT&T Smart Grid, meters can monitor energy needs and usage, send automatic alerts on outages, and schedule preventative maintenance as necessary.

“Time for another pickup!”

Taking the construction industry to new heights

Why think of heavy equipment and machinery as a means to an end when it's capable of so much more? When it can track its own depreciation, find new ways to reduce costs, and more, your business can run that much better.

Explore AT&T Equipment and Machinery solutions >

Predict when service is needed

Go beyond the service manual and warranty information: Let your machines tell you when they sense a repair might be needed in the future.

“My winding drum is slightly out of alignment.”

Manage safety and operating conditions

Construction is a serious business, and safety procedures are of paramount importance for the sake of the project and the crew. With onboard detection devices, everything can go according to the safety plan.

“Caution: Uneven surface detected.”

Keep ahead with long-term analysis data

The connected equipment you lease and sell can provide you with invaluable data on long-term customer usage patterns and equipment performance. That means you can predict the features and upgrades your customers might want in the future, which can make a huge difference in the marketplace.

“I could be more efficient with a bigger bucket.”

Harvesting rich information

Running a farm doesn't have to be such sweaty work. Not when things like soil testing, tracking performance, and submission of service tickets can be delegated to your machines and devices.

Explore Equipment and Machinery solutions >

Optimize soil fertility

A simple M2X device can make checking soil easier than ever before. Once it's hooked up to your irrigation equipment it can collect and store key information, including: salinity, pH levels, organic content analysis, and more.

“Acre 9 needs a lime amendment.”

Remotely monitor performance

Soft costs like gas mileage, idle time, and depreciation add up over time. Fortunately, we have solutions to help you remotely monitor equipment and machinery performance. Now you can know where your tractor is, how much fuel it's using, how hot the engine's getting, and whether it's due for a break — no matter where you are.

“I'm at a steady five gallons per hour.”

Automate equipment servicing

Repairs are expected every once in a while. But with a connected machine, their costs can be easily reduced. When a problem occurs, it can immediately alert a service technician and help you find a substitute machine to finish whatever job it started.

“I've submitted a ticket to get my compressor bar fixed.”

Flying ahead of the competition

It takes more than a flight plan to succeed in the aviation industry. It takes a plan for everything else along the way — from tracking important shipments to keeping up with aircraft maintenance. And with AT&T, you'll know the best way to navigate these challenges day in, day out.

Explore AT&T Cargo View with FlightSafe® >

Track precious cargo, globally

Cargo View with FlightSafe® gives you peace of mind with sensitive shipments. The device records a broad range of sensor information including location, temperature, and shock at every step in the journey. Now you can respond quickly if your cargo is disrupted.

“The cargo temperature's steady, just like the flight. See you soon!”

Predict when maintenance will be required

As aircraft collect and analyze data, patterns may emerge. For instance, a minor flaw may be discovered in multiple aircraft. Addressing the issue across the fleet can help prevent flight delays and cancellations. And as a result, boost revenue.

“Fan blade vibration detected in three other jets.”

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The right information can change the world

Every day, in every industry, in every part of the world, new challenges and opportunities reveal themselves. And with AT&T, so does the information you need to best respond to them. You may find it through our turnkey solutions. Or by working with us to develop a custom-tailored product or service. Or even through something we invent. No matter what it is, we're ready to help you change the world.

Technology and services connected car

Technology and services

Not sure where to start? Our dedicated team offers a vast array of services. From consulting, to determine which of your devices and objects need to be connected, to providing the platforms you need to get the best information out of those devices, we can ensure your company's smooth transition into the Internet of Things.

  • Connectivity

    Connectivity services

    In the Internet of Things, nothing is more important than the breadth, depth, and reach of your network. And as a global leader in this arena, we can provide it all. In fact, we connect more than 25 million IoT devices and help our customers manage them around the globe.

    Learn More >

    • award icon

      Winner of the 2015 Compass Intelligence Mobility Award for M2M Cellular Service Provider Of The Year

  • Platforms and Development

    Development for the Internet of Things can be complex. From devices and networks to platforms and application layers, cloud-based platforms and services can help you rapidly innovate across the entire technology value chain for IoT.

    Learn more >

    More than 50% of developers actively working on IoT solutions are thinking globally. —IDC

  • Professional Services

    The Internet of Things can be overwhelming, even to seasoned vets. That’s why our team of experts is ready to help you find the right mix of services and solutions. We offer everything from M2M consulting to data reporting, so you can focus on your own area of expertise.

    Learn more >

    Because one size doesn’t fit all: Our professional services teams are ready to help you design and implement solutions to your exact specifications.

    Be first to market with our rapid prototyping services and dev kits.

  • Security

    As billions of devices become connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), security solutions enable their safe and reliable operation. At AT&T, we’re committed to helping protect our customers’ businesses and reducing risks by applying security expertise and solutions. Our layered security approach for IoT is designed to protect the device, network, and systems, and it supports threat management requirements.

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    With more than 25 years of security experience, we can help you implement new IoT solutions with confidence.

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We have pre-packaged solutions with applications in practically any industry. Manufacturing. Healthcare. Utilities. Transportation.
You name it, we can make it smarter.

  • Vehicle Solutions

    Vehicle Solutions

    From connected cars to connected fleets, our vehicle solutions enable vehicles to share and process information. It's all about making transportation safer, smarter — and more interesting.

    Learn More >

    • Of nearly 1.3 million connected devices added in Q4 of 2014, 800,000 were connected cars.

    • More than 10 million vehicles are expected to be on our network by the end of 2017.

    • We've connected more than 1.2 million fleet vehicles.

  • Asset Management

    What's more valuable than the assets you're shipping and storing? Real-time information on their location, movement, and shipping conditions. AT&T Asset Management gives you more control over your entire supply chain.

    Learn more >

    • 243,000 refrigerated shipping containers are connected through AT&T.

  • Smart Cities

    Smart cities

    The best cities have seamless utility management. And with AT&T Smart Cities, you're better equipped to manage the efficiency, reliability, and overall quality of practically any service on the grid. It's simply a smarter way to live.

    Learn More >

    • We're currently working with GE to develop intelligent light solutions and enable remote monitoring and lighting control on public roadways.

  • Equipment and Machinery

    Shift your business into higher gear. Our equipment and machinery solutions enhance your key assets so they can analyze their environments, tell you when they need maintenance, and more.

    Learn more >

    Tractors anticipating their own repairs? Crops requesting a little drink? It’s possible when connected machinery and devices can communicate with farmers in real time.

    We connect nearly half of all tractors and harvesters in North America.

  • Healthcare

    When it comes to healthcare, the more information you have the better. And with our “smart” healthcare solutions – from secure mobile workstations to wearable technology – that’s exactly what doctors and patients get.

    Learn more >

    Adoption of wellness tracking and virtual care solutions will reach 60 million households and 74 million users by 2019.

Innovation engineer


We invented the car phone in the 1940s. We were there at the infancy of the Internet (in 1969!). And we're currently leading the development of things like connected cars and wearable technologies. It's all part of our proud tradition of innovation. And we'd be glad to work with you to develop innovations of your own.

  • AT&T Foundries

    Our global Foundry® innovation centers are where our pioneering spirit shines brightest. Here, we work side-by-side with other leading companies and entrepreneurs to incubate and develop cutting-edge ideas. The result can be seen in a broad range of sectors, from connected vehicles to home security.

    Learn more >

  • Working with AT&T

    Our experts are a great place to start getting answers to questions like “Should we build or buy?” or ”Which process should we automate first?” We understand considerations of time, capital and risk in developing M2M solutions, so we listen, then we act, having delivered results for many years, to meet business needs that are obvious and not so obvious. Work with us, and we'll help bring all of the components of a winning IoT solution together for you.

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What you need to know about IoT


Pioneering is not a solo effort.

While we're proud of all of our accomplishments, we're always keenly aware of how they come to fruition: By listening to our customers. We make it a point to understand your challenges before proposing any solutions. And that goes double in the Internet of Things. Only when we work together can we truly pioneer a better future.