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Place Calls Around the Globe with AT&T Corporate Calling Card Services

The AT&T Corporate Calling Cards, lets you place telephone calls from the U.S. and around the world.  With this service:

  • Cardholders can place calls from most anywhere they travel
  • From the U.S., cardholders can place calls to over 240 other countries
  • Internationally, cardholders can use their AT&T Corporate Calling Card with AT&T Direct® Service to place calls from over 130 countries to the U.S., and from over 84 countries to over 150 other countries
  • Cardholders avoid difficulties encountered with overseas phone systems, coinage or exorbitant rates
  • Credit card invoicing in U.S. dollars.
  • Global customer care center located in the U.S. and provides multi-language customer support.

AT&T Corporate Calling Card Resources

AT&T offers dialing instructions and wallet guides which are used with AT&T Corporate Calling Card Services. To obtain either of these items or for any other inquiries please contact the Corporate Calling Card care center at

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