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Contact Center Solutions - Flexible by Design

Most businesses have similar goals for their contact centers: delivering a great customer experience at an operationally efficient cost. Yet each business faces unique challenges for how to best meet these objectives, and has to intelligently align its operational support processes with the right contact handling infrastructure.

Perhaps you're evaluating contact center solutions because your business is relocating, your existing equipment is outdated or you need a more efficient, cost-effective solution. Whatever your situation, AT&T can tailor a contact center to your business needs.

Design your Call Center for Return on Investment (ROI)

Your call center can be an important revenue-generator. AT&T call center solutions help maximize ROI in several ways:

  • Routing features help route calls correctly the first time so agents can resolve issues and move on to the next call
  • Hosting and management options to avoid large upfront capital expenditures and better utilize skilled labor
  • Voice response features help reduce the need for additional live agents
  • A wide range of flexible features allows you to expand when needed

Under scale your contact center on-demand

If your company is growing, your contact center should grow along with it. You may need to add more agents for a busy holiday season, and then scale back. Hosted Services from AT&T:

  • Are designed around a multi-tenant shared arrangement allowing for call volume peaks and valleys without additional infrastructure cost to you
  • Reside on the AT&T network, not on your premises - providing you the ability to handle changing call volumes without upgrading and maintaining equipment
  • Allow you to expand and scale your workforce to a broader pool of skilled agents who work remotely

Intelligent call handling with a human touch

When you route a call properly on the first attempt you're not only satisfying callers, you're improving cost control. Contact center solutions from AT&T can combine the intelligence of your client database with the strength and reliability of the AT&T network. The resulting solution collects customer information and routes calls based upon specific intelligent routing rules.

To further streamline and automate calls, you can use a natural language application to recognize caller intent and route calls to the right resource without requiring a live agent or long menu of options.

Choose the call center solution that fits your business

AT&T will work with you to design your contact center solution. Most solutions are based on one of the following platforms:

  • AT&T-managed, hosted- shared platform with network-based Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) features. Customers manage their own contact center environment
  • AT&T-managed, hosted-shared IVR platform for customers who have designed their own call routing strategies and want to manage their own contact center environments
  • AT&T-managed, dedicated premises-based solution custom-designed based on customers' IVR and ACD setups

Discover the complete AT&T Voice portfolio.

Call Center Considerations

If you are considering contact center solutions for your business, here are some things your AT&T representative may ask you to think about:

Do you prefer a hosted-shared or dedicated contact center environment?

Some customers require a, dedicated, premises-based contact center solution. Others want the same features, but choose to let AT&T host their environment in an AT&T Internet Data Center (IDC).

With a hosted call center solution you can potentially implement and scale more quickly, while using your IT resources more efficiently. With a dedicated solution, the environment is built specifically to your corporate requirements. Mix and match both designs to maximize your budget and deployment schedules, all under one contract completely managed by AT&T.

What equipment do you already have in your contact center today, and what additional equipment may be required?

AT&T contact center solutions experts will assist you with design and deployment of your entire solution. Depending upon your needs, we can either replace or integrate with your current hardware and software.

In addition, some contact centers are designed to allow agents to use mobile devices or work out of their homes. AT&T can also incorporate these design requirements into your final solution.

Is compliance a concern?

If you're collecting credit card or other personal information from customers, you need to consider HIPAA regulations and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. AT&T can help you design a contact center solution to help protect sensitive customer data.

What other security measures do you need?

For added security, we can design your solutions in conjunction with a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Designing your Contact Center Solution

Every business is different, so AT&T will work closely with you to design contact center solutions that map to the way your business operates. Our dedicated experts know what questions to ask so we can assess your needs.

We'll design to your requirements for hardware, software, applications, security, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), capacity, and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

We also partner with platform and service vendors to provide an integrated solution. AT&T has contracts with multiple vendors for services, such as:

  • Call recording
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Workforce management (WFM)
  • Display boards
  • Quality monitoring
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Professional services

AT&T can offer our call center services in conjunction with these partner services under one service contract.

Contact Center Service Delivery

AT&T handles all aspects of deployment, including both telecom and contact center services. We set up all the components, including those from other vendors needed to deploy a complete solution. Our deployment services include:

  • Procuring hardware, software and network elements
  • Procuring and managing additional service vendors, if your solutions requires
  • Implementation at your location or an AT&T Internet Data Center (IDC)
  • Integrating new communications channels and applications into your system
  • Managing the project, providing you with a single point of contact
  • Training your staff

Customer Support for your Call Center

Our Enterprise Routing Services Center (ERSC) is staffed with network engineers who are dedicated to maintenance and customer care for contact centers. We'll do what it takes to understand your problem and work to resolve it, whether it's an issue with your contact center services or your network.

AT&T can:

  • Provide a single, toll-free contact number to help resolve issues
  • Monitor software, hardware, applications and alarms 24x7
  • Upgrade and fix components
  • Manage the entire solution
  • Provide systems to assist you with managing your service environment
  • Make strategic alliances with value-added partners
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