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Simplify Billing and Save Money

Managing multiple contracts, plans and bills for your IP, data, voice, video communications and application services can be a complex and time-consuming undertaking, especially across global operations. Without an enterprise approach to the services you buy, it can also be an expensive one as you miss out on opportunities to streamline delivery and costs.

Consolidated billing from AT&T can help control the costs and complexities of managing multiple IP, data, voice, video communications and application services.

Simplified billing solutions from AT&T can help you consolidate and simplify contracts and billing processes while improving control and saving money with corporate-wide volume discounts across bundled services.

Consolidated billing, bundled your way

AT&T can design a customized bundled offer that brings together many of your fixed and mobile voice, data, IP and video services under a single contract. Our bundled offers include AT&T Business Network (ABN) and AT&T OneNet.

AT&T Business Network (ABN) can be used for small to large-sized enterprises, and does not involve a new contract negotiation. It consolidates billing, discounting, service and support for a broad portfolio of AT&T communications services to help you:

  • Combine IP, data and long distance, including toll-free services and wireless business services
  • Easily add, drop or change the services mix on an existing contract without a lengthy contract negotiation
  • Take advantage of volume and term discounts, based on annual revenue commitment and length of AT&T relationship
  • Save more with automatic monthly growth incentives – use more services, get even better discounts
  • Conveniently manage your account 24x7 via a self-service AT&T Business Direct® portal

AT&T OneNet is a bundled offer built for large, multinational businesses that brings together the world-class reliability, best-of-breed technologies and responsive service of AT&T under one contract for multiple business locations to help you:

  • Simplify network and communications services with a single Master Agreement
  • Integrate billing, commitment and services
  • Reduce costs with combined discounts for eligible billing volumes company wide
  • Expand and modify services as business needs change
  • Consolidate services under a single, unified agreement
  • Manage your account 24x7 via a self-service web portal

Easily manage change

Technology and business landscapes can change rapidly. AT&T billing consolidation strategies help you shift your services mix on the fly – without having to re-contract. The AT&T BusinessDirect portal helps you:

  • Quickly add, drop or modify services
  • Monitor and report activity and network performance
  • View and pay bills
  • Request maintenance and track trouble ticket status
  • Focus on growing your business, not managing contracts


Can your organization benefit from AT&T Bundled Offers?

Do you have multiple contracts for communications services?

If you do, you probably spend too much time managing contracts and supplier relationships. By bundling services into a single contract, you can simplify service delivery while improving cost control.

Are you anticipating changes in your business communications needs?

With bundling and the AT&T BusinessDirect® portal, you can change your service mix anytime, without the requirement of entering into a new contract. AT&T can work with you to determine the best mix of new or existing technologies and services.

Are you maximizing your purchasing power for communications services?

You can with bundled offers, because AT&T can provide discounts based on qualified billing volumes across your company. In addition, certain offers provide further discounts through monthly growth incentives based on your spending mix, and those incentives apply to all your spending in that month.

Do you want greater control across your communications services?

Through the AT&T BusinessDirect Portal, you can have 24x7 access to a rich management toolset that enables you to take charge of a variety of activities, from paying bills and modifying services to monitoring network performance.

Find out more about how AT&T Bundled Offers can help your enterprise save money, simplify contract management and easily manage changes.