AT&T UC Voice

Cloud-Based IP Telephony as a Service

Cloud-Based IP Telephony as a Service

AT&T Unified Communications Voice (AT&T UC Voice) is a cloud-based IP telephony solution that offers a rich range of easy-to-use, high-quality voice features. By tightly integrating voice with enhanced UC functionality, AT&T UC Voice enables you to offer employees an expanded array of tools for faster, more productive interactions.

AT&T UC Voice with Cisco Jabber

AT&T UC Voice with Cisco Jabber enables workers to communicate and collaborate across distances, organizational boundaries, in the office or away, with a dashboard of UC tools such as voice calling, presence and instant messaging. With the Cisco Jabber client, you can seamlessly multitask across tools for real-time collaboration, from a variety of devices.

AT&T UC Voice with Microsoft Lync

AT&T UC Voice with Microsoft® Lync offers an array of unified communication features, such as voice calling, presence, chat, voicemail and point-to-point video, behind a single client. With the Lync client, you can instantly access multiple communication tools for real-time collaboration, across a selection of devices.

Use voice in new ways and new places

With AT&T UC Voice, it’s easier than ever to bring voice and UC features together in new ways and new places. Choose from a variety of AT&T UC Voice bundles to get the mix of features you need, which can include:

Single number reach

In-the-office and out-of-the-office voice worlds have come together. Now, workers can have a single number that rings simultaneously on a desk phone, mobile phone and other client devices. They can decrease “phone tag” with peers, partners and customers by increasing first-time reach.

Unified messaging

How much time do your employees waste checking multiple voicemail systems? Bring them together with unified access to a single voicemail box.

Presence and collaboration

Bring the right people together at the right time. During a voice call, use presence to check the availability of colleagues in real time. Send an instant message to an available resource for a quick answer. For face-to-face communication, extend invitations for an on-demand video conference on a range of endpoints -- from an IP video phone to a desktop or mobile device.

Seamless multi-tasking

With a consolidated view into multiple voice and UC applications, workers can move smoothly between tools and communication modes. Need to escalate an issue? Move from a chat with one person to a collaborative conference with many.

Multi-device access

Since AT&T UC Voice works on a mix of select desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets, employees can think less about which device to use and more about the task at hand.

Flexible Options for Merging Voice and UC

You may want to use AT&T UC Voice solely for IP telephony features as a first step on your transformation roadmap. Or, you may want to take advantage of a full UC deployment, including a UC client application, such as UC Voice with Cisco Jabber, to bring voice and UC tools together behind a single user interface.

If you want to tap into the rich features of an enterprise-grade voice solution with your existing UC client, we can help you integrate AT&T UC Voice with a range of other popular UC client applications you may already use. Either way, AT&T has a solution for you.

When you choose AT&T for UC and voice services, you can benefit from a highly secure, reliable platform with a consistent feature set and support model for global implementations. We also leverage our vendor ecosystem to bring you the latest developments to continually enhance your UC and telephony capabilities.

UC Voice: A foundation for advanced communication

Going well beyond the capabilities of a traditional voice solution, AT&T UC Voice provides a flexible foundation for advanced communication and collaboration services.

And, because AT&T UC Voice is delivered as a service from the AT&T cloud, it can help you reduce up-front capital investments while gaining the scalability and reliability needed for an enterprise-grade voice solution.

Do more with voice

AT&T UC Voice employs the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) platform as the service core to deliver a telephony features and applications to employees, whether in or out of the office.

Combine the power of a downloadable UC client application, such as AT&T UC Voice with Cisco Jabber®, to provide a single user interface and seamless access to multiple voice and UC features on a variety of wired and wireless devices. Capabilities can include:

  • IP Phone, video phone and soft phone support for making computer via IP calls
  • Calling to the public switched network where you provide a connection to the traditional phone network
  • Single Number Reach for wired and wireless devices
  • Voicemail and unified messaging
  • Presence and instant messaging
  • Audio, web and video conferencing

Put voice in the cloud

AT&T UC Voice helps change the way you deliver voice services. Instead of using on-premises solutions and buying equipment, you access virtual resources in the AT&T cloud over our global IP network, so you can:

  • Purchase communications as a service on a subscription basis for a defined monthly fee
  • Adopt new voice features quickly and as you need them, without large up-front capital investments
  • Scale with ease and speed to keep up with growth and changing business needs
  • Experience the high-bandwidth, low-latency performance of the AT&T network and an enterprise-class cloud infrastructure
  • Engage AT&T to manage the network, servers and applications that support AT&T UC Voice

Preserve existing voice investments

Now, you can tap into enhanced voice and UC features without sacrificing current investments, because AT&T UC Voice supports:

  • Integration with some existing TDM/IP and PBX voice platforms
  • Multiple devices, platforms, operating systems and carriers
  • Hybrid cloud/on-premises environments

Kick-start your voice transformation

We work with you to design, plan and implement your AT&T UC Services solution. If you need additional expertise beyond what is provided as part of this offer, AT&T UC consulting services can assist you. As part of a fee-based professional services engagement, they can help:

  • Define a UC vision
  • Document requirements
  • Evaluate solutions
  • Create a roadmap
  • Develop a business case
  • Prepare a financial ROI analysis
  • Plan for continuous improvement
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  • AT&T Unified Communications Voice
  • AT&T Unified Communications Voice

    Scale with ease to meet dynamic business needs. Add new communications features on the fly. As your business grows, AT&T makes it easy to stay connected and productive. AT&T UC Voice comes complete with a full suite of advanced IPT features, management services and tools to help you provide the best service to your customers, employees and partners.
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  • AT&T UC Voice Advanced E-911 service

    As an optional feature for AT&T UC Voice subscribers, we offer the Advanced E911 service. This cloud-based feature offers flexibility and functionality for employees located in the U.S. to access emergency assistance across a supported selection of desktop and mobile devices.

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  • AT&T UC Services for Higher Education

    Today, instruction in the classroom is just the beginning of higher education. Learning happens everywhere as an endless stream of information flows through smartphones, tablets and laptops. Now nearly everyone can use their mobile devices to communicate, collaborate, share learning materials and educational experiences.

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  • Experience easy to use high quality IP Telephony (IPT) from the AT&T cloud with: Single number reach, Voicemail, Unified messaging
  • Bring new voice capabilities to your business more quickly than ever before utilizing cloud services.
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