AT&T Mobile Office Suite

Communicate easily - anytime, anywhere

AT&T Mobile Office Suite: a cloud-based office that’s built for how you work

Collaborate efficiently from virtually anywhere. AT&T Mobile Office Suite is an integrated solution that combines the familiar productivity applications of Microsoft Office 365 with cloud-based voice from AT&T.

It includes:

  • Access to Microsoft Office 365™ including Microsoft Lync Online® with voice connection, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online® and Office Online®
  • Your choice of mobile device from AT&T and accessories
  • Migration expertise and technical support from AT&T

By integrating AT&T voice connection capabilities with the click-to-call functionality of Microsoft Lync Online®, AT&T Mobile Office Suite is designed to help you:

  • Initiate and receive calls while using any Office 365 application
  • Streamline collaboration on virtually any device
  • Connect using Lync or Skype—or make a domestic, long distance or international voice call in a few clicks
  • Easily reach Lync users as well as non-Lync customers or partners
  • Reduce missed calls by giving users a single number for all their devices

A complete mobile collaboration solution from AT&T

Some of the features for AT&T Mobile Office Suite include:

  • The flexibility to choose from a wide range of industry-leading mobile devices
  • The speed and reliability of our 4G LTE and business VoIP networks
  • SIP trunking services for high-quality voice and support for PBX-like features
  • The predictable costs and low-maintenance of the cloud

Call with a simple click

Streamline workflow with a fully integrated user experience. Whether you’re hosting a web conference with Lync or reading an email in Exchange, AT&T Mobile Office Suite enables you to quickly place or receive a voice or video call—without having to move back and forth between devices or applications.

Connect and collaborate the way you want

With access to Office 365 applications from nearly any device and from anywhere that has Internet or wireless capability, users can focus less on how and where to collaborate and more on the collaboration itself.

Fully integrated Office 365 applications can help make those collaborative interactions easier, faster and more productive. Check out the new voice connection feature, available for use with each of these solutions, that extends click-to-call simplicity.

Lync Online with AT&T voice connection feature

A single software client for presence, instant messaging, video and voice calls brings multi-tasking to a new level of efficiency. When you add the voice connection feature, you include the capability to use additional call types, not just Lync and Skype.

Exchange Online

Stay in touch with email, view shared calendars to schedule meetings, and update contacts when you’re in or out of the office using a tablet, laptop, smartphone or PC.

SharePoint Online

Here you can access virtual files using SharePoint Online to store and access documents and share them with others inside and outside your organization. With tight version control, you can work collaboratively and keep documents up to date in a highly secure environment.

Office Online

Empower workers nearly anywhere with some of the most popular and trusted Office applications. Create, view, edit, share and collaborate on presentations, documents, spreadsheets and more from a choice of devices that fit your work style, your location and the job at hand.

More ways to connect with voice

Voice connection, a calling feature available with Lync Online, lets employees place and receive calls with any phone number directly from Office 365™ applications. While users may already be enjoying the simple click-to-call functionality with Office apps, these calls can now go beyond just Lync to Lync or Lync to Skype.

Because voice connection is seamlessly integrated with Lync Online, users can simply transition to a voice call directly from the Office app or document that they happen to be working on without interrupting their workflow.

Voice connection capabilities

With voice connection, you can:

  • Use an AT&T wireless subscribed device to place and receive calls to and from any phone number
  • Use computers, desktop phones, smartphones or tablets to initiate and receive calls, including, Lync, Skype, local, domestic long distance and international calls
  • Take advantage of AT&T SIP Trunking services for high-quality voice and support for PBX-like features
  • Reduce missed phone calls by giving each user a single phone number that rings on virtually all their devices.

Included with AT&T voice connection:

  • 10,000 minutes of domestic long distance (per user, per month)
  • A single phone number per user
  • Voice features:

    • Local phone numbers (number porting)
    • Simultaneous ring/single number reach
    • Call hold, transfer, forward, and delegation
    • Team call
    • Voicemail (with Exchange Server or qualifying Exchange Online package that includes Unified Messaging)

One click to call for all

AT&T voice connection helps Office 365 applications come to life:

Lync Online. In a web meeting and need a quick answer about a product nearly ready to be brought to market? You peruse your contacts, identify a product expert and, with one click you can place a call be on your way to addressing your question in real time.

Exchange Online. Sometimes you need the immediacy of a phone call, without having to move back and forth between devices or applications. Have you ever read an email and had the need to get a hold of someone quickly by phone? Think about the efficiency of not having to step away from what you’re doing to look up a contact and dial the phone number. Now, you simply click on your contact in the Exchange email to place your call.

SharePoint Online. Your team consolidated the national sales figures for the next round of budget reviews, taking place tomorrow. You access the latest version of the spreadsheet in the team-shared file on SharePoint. Michigan is missing. Without taking your eyes from the screen, you place a voice call to the finance manager and owner of the document in Detroit, who is sitting at his desk still crunching the numbers.

Office Online. Whether you’re working on a word document, a PowerPoint presentation or an email, having the ability to place a voice call without breaking your concentration is a productivity plus.

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