Video Conferencing Solutions

Face time is virtually anytime, anywhere.

Traveling to in-person meetings isn’t always an option. But AT&T end-to-end, high-definition Video Conferencing solutions make it easy to connect visually with the people who help move your business forward—virtually wherever they may be.

  • Engage with colleagues, partners, vendors and customers around the world
  • Help boost productivity with distraction-free communication and collaboration
  • Reduce meeting related travel time and expense
AT&T Video Meetings with Blue Jeans

AT&T Video Meetings with Blue Jeans provides an intuitive user interface that works across multiple video platforms, devices and services.

AT&T Telepresence Solution

AT&T Telepresence Solution offers a flexible range of AT&T telepresence solutions - from an immersive telepresence room to a smartphone screen - so you can see what you’ve been missing. Powered by the global reach and reliability of the AT&T network, you can also have the high-bandwidth, low-latency connections you need for high-quality video experiences.

Get personal with a pervasive video conferencing

The AT&T vision of pervasive video means giving you the power of visual collaboration virtually anytime, anywhere. We are building on AT&T Telepresence Solution®as a foundation to help give you flexibility in the ways, times and places you meet. It is all about making video collaboration more accessible.

  • Join a conference choosing the best method for you—from an immersive telepresence room, a desktop, laptop or mobile device
  • Collaborate when you need to, in scheduled or on-demand conferences
  • Obtain high quality of service with the global AT&T MPLS VPN

Cloud- based video conferencing for maximum flexibility

The equipment for scheduling, initiating, controlling, managing and bridging together the various endpoints is all in the AT&T network— saving you the up-front capital expense of equipment purchases. With an AT&T managed solution, AT&T provides equipment maintenance support and technology upgrades as the technology advances.

As a key part of our cloud-based approach, the AT&T Business Exchange lets you meet the way you want by supporting a wide range of endpoints. Your meeting can be scheduled or even unscheduled by using our Virtual Meeting Rooms. You can invite guests by using our guest access feature. And you can meet with other companies that use the AT&T Business Exchange or use our inter-provider feature for companies not on the AT&T Business Exchange.

AT&T Telepresence Solution: the power of video conferencing

Bring the right people together in a highly secure, virtual face-to-face meeting experience. AT&T Telepresence Solution is a flexible, high-definition video conferencing service that provides you the tools to help you:

  • Accelerate decisions between multiple stakeholders
  • Negotiate contracts quickly
  • Build virtual design teams to speed development
  • Conduct face-to-face long-distance job interviews

AT&T delivers the four key elements to help you run successful meetings: Arranging, Attending, Assisting and Administering - by offering a suite of services and solutions that help reduce IT support—so you can focus on business-critical issues.

Managed offerings

AT&T provides a variety of managed options for reliable client endpoint support—whether the video environment is on premises or in the cloud, and whether the endpoints are client owned or owned by AT&T. These service options help reduce client IT support, simplify meeting initiation and provide end users with high quality support for an enhanced meeting experience.

Managed care

This fully managed solution supports frequently used immersive rooms, high-definition equipment and B2B applications. AT&T provides proactive monitoring and maintenance of endpoints and infrastructure as well as support functions ranging from proactive incident notifications to real-time trouble ticket status.

Essential services

Recommended for non-immersive and lightly used video conferencing systems, this service option provides reactive management, end-user meeting assistance, a turnkey helpdesk, fulfillment, carrier coordination, troubleshooting and change management. Maintenance is required but can be obtained from a vendor.

Non-managed offerings

Network Gateway Connect

Customers with an AT&T VPN Circuit and SIP trunk into AT&T’s Business Exchange are responsible for management of devices and upgrading to AT&T compatible/supported code versions. Customers are also responsible for troubleshooting service issues in their domain.

Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMR)

VMR supports reservationless meetings, expanding interoperability with more video endpoints and mobile devices. Hold on-demand meetings with endpoints on the AT&T Business Exchange guest endpoints.

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Case Studies

  • Sweetening Collaboration for a Global Snack Company

    We developed a customized UC solution which centralizes applications in a cloud-based environment, to help one of the world’s largest snack companies optimize efficiency and deliver more of the signature tastes, textures and treats its consumers love.




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  • Connect to a wide variety of video-enabled endpoints across multiple manufacturers.
  • AT&T Receives Best Practice Award in Hosted and Managed Video Conferencing by Frost & Sullivan.
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