AT&T Audio and Web Conferencing

Extend your reach with audio and web conferencing

Built on the AT&T global network for enterprise-grade reliability and scalability, AT&T Audio and Web Conferencing services deliver an experience that fits the way you work.

  • Connect across a range of endpoints, from telepresence rooms to mobile devices, desktops, and laptops
  • Enhance online meetings with integrated audio and HD video
  • Conserve budget on audio conferencing using local, in-country access numbers

Help boost marketing results

With drastically curtailed spending on marketing programs these days, integrated audio and web conferencing can mean capturing opportunities for less cost. By incorporating the web-based and cell phone communications media that customers use most into your marketing programs, you can help:

  • Extend your reach to global audiences
  • Generate more leads and help convert them to sales
  • Capture customer interest, build brand image and establish thought leadership with informative webinars or webcasts
  • Reduce cycle time and get to market faster
  • Use voice or web conferencing to bust through busy schedules and enable faster meetings

Work effectively within budget

As budget cuts run rampant, HR needs to do more with less. Integrated conferencing can help extend HR staff capabilities, providing tools that enable the department to collaborate as a team—virtually wherever in the world they are located.

With access to full-featured audio and web conferencing, employees can be empowered to work faster, better and smarter.

  • Share resumes with hiring managers to review candidates
  • Hold team meetings and brainstorm on HR initiatives
  • Reduce training-related travel for HR teams and employees

Plan for business continuity

To help recover from disaster, AT&T audio and web conferencing with integrated video features provides senior executives a platform to deliver the right messages to employees, agencies, suppliers and key business partners to help:

  • Re-establish communication and build confidence that business operations have resumed
  • Hold a web conference with disaster response teams, then launch a video during the same meeting with the CEO to address team members
  • Collaborate in real-time on projects critical to getting the business back on track
  • Escalate from an audio conference to a web meeting to share business documents that support on-going business continuity goals

Many companies quickly see the benefits of deploying unified conferencing capabilities within their organization. But best-in-class organizations take the next step toward even greater value and return on investment by enabling business-to-business audio, web and video collaboration.

AT&T Audio and Web Conferencing Services can help you extend your organization’s collaborative reach, seamlessly and globally, through the AT&T Business Exchange, allowing you to easily include meetings with customers, suppliers and partners. You gain the freedom and flexibility to:

  • Meet virtually anytime and anywhere with colleagues and contacts around the world
  • Join a conference the way that best fits your situation—via Mac or PC, mobile device or telepresence room
  • Leverage the flexibility of cloud-based conferencing for hassle-free collaboration

The AT&T Business Exchange supports access to over 130 organizations and over 6,000 associated endpoints crossing various industries. With our guest access capability, you can extend that reach to meet with other contacts using a selection of standards-based video endpoints or applications.

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  • AT&T Conferencing with Microsoft Lync

    Collaborate with reliable, scalable, global audio conferencing capabilities through an enterprise-grade UC platform with AT&T Conferencing with Microsoft Lync.

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