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Accelerate your business with simplified, real-time conferencing.

Around the world, business is open 24/7. Competing in this global, real-time marketplace means collaborating—reaching business-critical decisions, resolving issues and innovating—in the now.

AT&T Connect streamlines real-time conferencing with web, audio, and video in a single, easy-to-use tool. So, you can connect with the right people at the right time to accelerate the pace of business.

Simple Communications

By eliminating hassles with complicated technology, AT&T Connect unified conferencing frees you to focus on the business at hand as you take advantage of:

  • An intuitive user interface
  • Fast activation
  • A consistent look and feel across access points
  • Global availability through the AT&T network
  • Optional event management services

Real-time Web Meetings

AT&T Connect unified conferencing and collaboration capabilities remove the barriers of space and time—your colleagues, partners, vendors and customers are immediately accessible for time-sensitive interactions.

  • Schedule a conference in minutes
  • Solve problems online in real time
  • Connect anytime in an always-available personal meeting room
  • Email or IM colleagues a link to quickly join a web meeting
  • Bring the right people together to accelerate processes

Seamless Connections

Trust the reliable, scalable AT&T global network to connect you seamlessly with the right people—anytime and from virtually anywhere.

  • Reach beyond the walls of your organization
  • Communicate clearly with enterprise-quality web, audio and video conferencing
  • Leverage a range of existing devices: desktops, laptops, tablets and a variety of mobile devices
  • Integrate with desktop applications like Microsoft® Outlook® Lync®, iCal® and IBM® Notes®
  • Enjoy fast, flexible cloud-based access

Mobile Collaboration

Whether commuting or traveling, mobility is no obstacle to collaborating with associates around the world to get the job done.

  • Engage in virtual meetings through a full-featured mobile conferencing experience
  • Switch access points (e.g., office desktop to mobile handset) easily in mid-conference
  • Integrate with email and scheduling portals
  • Eliminate travel downtime and boost productivity
  • Save on audio conferencing with local, in-country access numbers

Services Not Available in All Areas. Check for Availability.

See the AT&T Connect Integrated Edition v10 [PDF, 787KB] for more information on features for voice, web and video conferencing.

Learn more about unified communications services backed by the global reach, scalability and reliability of the AT&T MPLS IP-based network.

Stage successful online events

AT&T Connect offers integrated event management [PDF, 618KB] and full-scale professional services to help you produce successful webinars. From planning and promoting your webinar to capturing the sales leads that result, AT&T Connect can be your complete, single-source solution for lower cost, high-impact webinars.

  • Expert consultants can help discover where you need help, then step in to fill the gaps
  • Project management, planning and scheduling specialists can assist you from start to finish
  • Email marketing assistance can help you fill the “seats” with qualified participants
  • Professional-quality production services help you put your best foot forward

Deliver dynamic healthcare

In healthcare, [PDF, 776KB], collaboration tools can be essential for improving coordination of care and reducing overall cost. AT&T Connect can transform conferencing into a core, organization-wide application with integrated web, audio and video conferencing capabilities.

  • Reduce the time and cost of travel and meeting facilities to comply with ongoing staff non-clinical training requirements
  • Improve productivity to reach geographically dispersed medical offices
  • Maximize patient care by enabling healthcare experts to consult via an web, audio or video conference
  • Record medical conferences for later replay to accommodate busy staff schedules

Accelerate the manufacturing process

To cope with market demands, increased global competition and tighter budgets, the manufacturing [PDF, 1.3MB] industry needs to communicate and collaborate in a timely manner across organizational boundaries. AT&T Connect® enables manufacturers to initiate virtual meetings to collaborate with customers, suppliers and channel partners throughout the supply chain—which can help lower risks and costs while increasing the pace of innovation.

  • Initiate virtual meetings between client managers and product developers to discuss new products for clients based on their specific needs
  • Collaborate with key vendors to review architecture designs, process flows and project timelines
  • Improve the quality of product development and timeliness of product documentation
  • Bring teams together early in the production process to accelerate time to completion with higher quality

Extend the reach of project management with Web Meetings

As a project management [PDF, 3.9MB] tool, AT&T Connect enables mobile and geographically remote teams to meet in a virtual real-time work environment more often and with better results.

  • Standardize skills and web meeting tools for global service teams
  • Launch scheduled or ad hoc meetings, presentations and demos quickly and easily for internal teams and partners
  • Conduct virtual product feedback and help

Collaboration that fits the way people work

AT&T Connect provides a full-featured platform where companies, individuals and groups can virtually come together to collaborate in the way that best suits the situation. Start with simple-but-powerful audio conferencing and progressively add capabilities as appropriate for the most effective communication.

AT&T is constantly working to develop more innovative ways for our customers to collaborate anytime and from virtually anywhere on any device through the power of unified communications. With AT&T Connect online web meetings, a single client allows you to do it all.

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  • AT&T Connect Client for PC
  • AT&T Connect Client for PC

    AT&T Connect provides powerful conferencing tools for editing documents and sharing applications. Participants can communicate and collaborate with an array of conferencing features including six streams of video with follow the speaker.
    PDF | 914KB



  • Mobile Conferencing for Small Business

    Mobile conferencing by AT&T Connect® can help keep your small business on the move with multi-featured apps for supported mobile devices. Now you can take your meetings with you, wherever you go.

    PDF | 631KB
  • AT&T Connect for Windows Handsets

    You can work smarter and faster, with the ability to surf the web and talk at the same time. The hands free mode allows you to participate in a conference simply and easily. AT&T Connect for Windows offers location based dialing.

    PDF | 635KB
  • AT&T Connect for iPad

    The new features and capabilities for AT&T Connect for iPad include the ability to share content and photos from email attachments, iTunes and other apps, and a waiting room feature. When you’re ready, you can bring your participants into the next conference.

    PDF | 2MB
  • AT&T Connect for iPhone

    Features for AT&T Connect for iPhone include six streams of video with follow the speaker and location based dialing which means that when you tap to dial into a conference, you are connected to the conference using a local, in country, phone number.

    PDF | 1010KB
  • AT&T Connect for Android Handsets

    AT&T Connect for Android Handsets offers the ability for participants to join conferences with up to six streams of video with follow the speaker, and includes a location based dialing feature which offers local, in country phone numbers.

    PDF | 876KB
  • AT&T Connect for Android Tablets

    AT&T Connect for Android tablets offers new features which include the ability to share a web page, share images, and share a file from the cloud. Also included are six streams of video with follow the speaker, and the ability to view documents and applications.

    PDF | 2MB
  • AT&T Connect Integrated Edition v10 Client for Mac

    The AT&T Connect® client for Mac® offers powerful audio, web and video conferencing capabilities that can be  enabled as you enter the conference. When joining the conference, participants can click Connect with Video & Audio. Participants can also select to join with audio and web only if desired.

    PDF | 841KB
  • AT&T Connect with event services

    AT&T Connect with event services provides the technology and professional services support needed for hosting large or high-profile events.

    PDF | 618KB
  • AT&T Connect for the Transportation and Logistics Industry

    As a replacement for face-to-face meetings, the powerful conferencing capabilities of AT&T Connect can help you slash travel costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve collaboration and increase  productivity.  So you save time and money.  

    PDF | 660KB
  • AT&T Connect for Marketing Groups

    Whether you are a specialized marketing firm helping other companies grow or a hard-working internal department masterminding your own company growth, AT&T Connect can help cut your costs - and deliver more effective marketing services.   

    PDF | 654KB
  • AT&T Connect for Staff Development and Training

    AT&T Connect is a strategic web, audio and video conferencing solution that can help your organization keep pace with the increasing demands of staff development, training, learning and knowledge management.

    PDF | 686KB


Case Studies



  • AT&T Connect: Tools to Build Your Business

    AT&T Connect online web meetings give you a cost effective way to bring the right minds together to communicate, collaborate and create new ideas. Learn more in this AT&T Connect web meeting video.

  • AT&T Connect: Borderless Conferencing

    Unified Communications can help your employees work more effectively. Learn how AT&T Connect goes beyond just conferencing to improve the way you communicate.

    Video | [1:38]
  • AT&T Connect Integrated Edition v10

    Communicate can collaborate simply and seamlessly! Watch the video tutorial and learn more about the features and capabilities available with AT&T Connect IE v10.

  • AT&T Connect Conferencing: Send a Note

    Ever wish you could send a private message to a colleague in a meeting? With AT&T Connect, the “Send a Note” feature allows a participant to type a message directly to another team member, while simultaneously interacting with the group. That way, the right person gets the right message privately.

    Video | [0:37]
  • AT&T Connect - Business Benefits Calculator

    Virtual meetings may help you grow your business and reduce your costs. Try our easy to use Business Benefits Calculator to see how AT&T Connect could help your business and help the environment.

  • Collaboration in action with UC Services

    Our UC services collaboration suite is designed to meet the needs of today's business by helping to improve productivity, reduce costs, and strengthen relationships.

    Video | [1:36]


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