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Fortify your e-mail protection.

AT&T Secure E-Mail Gateway: keep vital communication channels safe

New threats to e-mail security emerge each day along with compliance standards and IT costs. AT&T Secure E-Mail Gateway is a dependable solution that can help you:

  • Customize protection through specialized resources
  • Simplify network security
  • Lower IT costs
  • Meet compliance standards

Protect your valuable data with e-mail security

Cyber attacks are constantly evolving. Phishing, malware and viruses can wreak havoc in a single attack. AT&T Secure E-Mail Gateway can help protect valuable e-mail data by blocking threats at the perimeter—before they even reach the network. It provides:

  • Spam and virus protection
  • Content filters
  • Policy definitions
  • Transport Layer Security

Keep your business and customers safe with e-mail filtering

E-mail can leave your organization vulnerable to many types of risks. It can expose sensitive data and even be used by Botnets to send spam. E-mail filtering with AT&T Secure E-Mail Gateway can help protect data, keep data safe and prevent inappropriate content from leaving the network—so you can avoid potential liabilities.

AT&T Secure E-Mail Gateway has multi-layered e-mail filtering protection that uses a combination of:

  • Well-tested spam and content filters
  • Industry-leading antivirus software
  • Fraud protection
  • Web link URL attack protection

Reducing budget strain

The resources required to secure data and defend against attacks can put a strain on IT budgets and infrastructure costs. AT&T Secure E-Mail Gateway can enhance e-mail security by enabling you to:

  • Protect your data—without dealing with software, hardware or on-site backup
  • Avoid setup fees and up-front capital expenses
  • Simplify reporting with web-based admin tools
  • Secure e-mail, without dealing with encryption certificates
  • Improve business continuity with 24 x 7 technical support

Make compliance more manageable with e-mail security

Without the proper tools, e-mail recovery can be a costly and time-consuming process. AT&T Secure E-Mail Gateway can help manage, store and retrieve e-mails—without having to commit the resources necessary to handle large amounts of data on-site.

Managing the thousands of e-mail messages that pass through an organization’s servers every day can be an enormous task. Using email-security solutions with other AT&T services can provide additional value:

Combine e-mail security with other security services to help protect your network infrastructure

AT&T Secure Network Gateway (SNG) integrates a suite of cloud-based AT&T security services into one multi-layered solution that’s designed to stop threats before they reach the network. In addition to Secure E-Mail Gateway, SNG comprises the following services:

  • AT&T Network-Based Firewall provides secure Internet access and ensures consistent enforcement of security policies at all customer locations.
  • AT&T Web Security blocks web-borne malware and controls web usage without impacting performance.
  • AT&T DDoS Defense identifies and stops Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks for increased protection from malicious traffic.

AT&T Secure Network Gateway gives your organization a powerful, comprehensive security solution in a highly manageable package. By integrating Secure E-Mail Gateway with other SNG services, you can have the simplicity of one bill, one contract and cost-efficiency of bundling two or more SNG services.

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  • AT&T Secure E-Mail Gateway Service

    AT&T Secure E-Mail Gateway - Security as a Service is a network-based solution that blocks spam, viruses, and other inbound e-mail malware threats before they reach your network.

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