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Enhance your business and keep your customers connected with a range of Wi-Fi Solutions designed for small and large locations. From a public-only hotspot to a full turnkey public and privately managed Wi-Fi network, AT&T offers choices from self-install to fully-managed services with advertising options. Choose AT&T Wi-Fi Solutions, and rely upon an industry leader with the nation’s largest Wi-Fi network (based on branded and operated hotspots).

Our flexible Wi-Fi solutions include:

AT&T Wi-Fi – Enterprise

Designed to provide highly secure public and private Wi-Fi connectivity with professional installation options to businesses with single or multiple locations. Complete the Have Us Contact You form on the right to learn how AT&T Wi-Fi - Enterprise can help your business.

AT&T Wi-Fi-Small Site

Ideal for small businesses looking for an easy, self-install public and private Wi-Fi solution that is highly secure.

Connect Link from AT&T

Choose from three service levels to provide a Wi-Fi solution with the monitoring, management and maintenance options your evolving enterprise needs.

AT&T Ready Zone

Give your customers complimentary public Wi-Fi from a trusted provider.

Flexible hotspot management options

Whether your business has one location or thousands, AT&T Wi-Fi services can provide the connectivity your guests and customers expect. As the premier business Wi-Fi service provider for retail, hospitality, dining, sports entertainment, and airports, AT&T offers a wide range of Wi-Fi services and hotspot management offerings to meet your requirements and budget.

Choose the AT&T Wi-Fi solution that fits your business needs

Choose the Wi-Fi solution that fits your business needs.

AT&T Ready Zone

Ready Zone is AT&T’s low cost, self-installed and managed public Wi-Fi solution designed for small venues. AT&T Ready Zone:

  • Includes a Wi-Fi access point at the site location.
  • Includes a cloud gateway, offering public Wi-Fi services only.
  • Installation is limited to a single access point.
  • If you choose, AT&T can install the equipment for you for a fee.

AT&T Connect Link

Connect Link offers three service levels to provide the right level of monitoring, management and maintenance for your enterprise business. These options are:

Connect Link Base

If your business has Wi-Fi but no longer wishes to manage and maintain it, Connect Link Base is a good option. AT&T installs a gateway on your premises and integrates with the existing WLAN to offer public Wi-Fi services.

AT&T manages the gateway, and you are responsible for managing and configuring the WLAN to enable guest access.

  • The gateway-only service option can support limited private Wi-Fi services (e.g., WAN Failover capability for additional VLANs).
  • An optional switch is available. Switches identify the intended destination of the information that they receive, so they send that information to only the computers that are supposed to receive it.
  • 24/7 equipment monitoring is provided, subject to periodic downtime for routine maintenance.

Connect Link Select

Great for hotels and hospitality venues, Connect Link Select allows you to pick and choose the level of support your business needs. AT&T installs the Wi-Fi service gateway on your premises and provides monitor-only capabilities for your existing WLAN. Depending on the level of service you request, AT&T can alert you or perform billable maintenance if an issue arises on your WLAN. With this service:

  • Gateway and WLAN custom configuration options are available
  • 24/7 equipment monitoring is provided, subject to periodic downtime of monitoring systems for routine maintenance.

Note: Connect Link Select is currently only available in hospitality on SIMS.

Connect Link Total

If your business requires a fully managed Wi-Fi option, Connect Link Total [PDF, 2MB] is the choice for you. AT&T installs the gateway and WLAN equipment on your premises and provides full monitoring and maintenance services.

A managed WLAN and Gateway is provided on premises with the option to provide both public and back office functionality. Public functionality allows access to anyone you WANT on your network while visiting your premises. Back office functionality could be applications that manage inventory, security, monitoring the network, etc. With this service:

  • Repair and maintenance for AT&T equipment is included for the contract term.
  • Customization is offered in both the gateway and WLAN configurations.
  • 24/7 equipment monitoring is provided, subject to periodic downtime of monitoring systems for routine maintenance.

Why AT&T for your business Wi-Fi service?

As a Wi-Fi Hotspot provider, AT&T can:

  • Provide multiple Wi-Fi hotspot management options that fit your unique business needs.
  • Customize your Wi-Fi design to provide a unique experience for your customers. This could include adding visuals and logos, co-branded splash pages, loyalty program and mobile application integration, and more to enhance your customers' Wi-Fi experience.
  • Subject to user privacy controls we can provide user analytics capabilities that can enable you to learn more about your customers.
  • Include dedicated client service and customer care call centers to meet your Wi-Fi service and hotspot management needs.
  • Provide IPv6 transition assistance. Learn how.

Learn more about how AT&T can help you with Wi-Fi hotspot solution planning and installation for your business, and about other solutions for Mobile Devices, Internet Connectivity, VPN Connections, Remote Access, and Network Security.

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  • AT&T Wi-Fi Services: Setting the Stage for Large Venues

    AT&T Wi-Fi Services provides the KEY to a complete integrated Wi-Fi infrastructure providing smooth, continuous connectivity throughout your stadium to keep your fans connected and offer the ultimate alternative to "Home Theater".

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