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Private Line: Move Data Quickly and More Securely

Demands on today's networks are growing. Businesses are increasingly relying on high-bandwidth applications to send information and communicate with employees. Keeping your information and your network secure can be a challenge.

AT&T provides data, video and voice transmission services that are fast and efficient, with the diversity to protect your network assets.

Private line services provide:

  • Dedicated service connections
  • High transmission speeds
  • Excellent data security

Private line services can help you:

  • Maintain a competitive edge with quick access to time-critical information
  • Overcome the challenges of sending and sharing large files
  • Communicate with employees and others using streaming video, computer-aided design programs and other bandwidth-intensive applications

Low latency for high-speed transport

With scalable speeds of up to 40 gigabits per second, private line services have one of the lowest levels of latency available. This makes private line services a good choice for:

  • Financial institutions and other businesses that move vast data volumes quickly across a secure environment
  • Broadcasters that speed high-quality video feeds between locations

Smaller packets of data, such as those sent and received by security and alarm-monitoring businesses, can be moved more swiftly and cost-effectively, too.

Ease data backup

Low latency makes private line services a solid choice for increasing data protection. These scalable services can be set up between your data center and a remote site for efficient backup and storage of your critical information. Private line services can also help you quickly restore data after a disaster or other disruptive event, allowing you to get back up and running quickly.

Extensive global reach

Your business may be spread out, but private line services can help you pull everyone together. Whether your offices are across street, across state lines or overseas, private line services' dedicated point-to-point connections can move your voice, data and video traffic more securely and cost-effectively. Private line service from AT&T is available domestically and in 80 countries around the globe.

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Global Broadcast Video Service [Service Brochure]

When you have a need for broadcast quality transmission, you can count on AT&T Global Broadcast Video for service that is high capacity, low latency, and virtually jitter-free. Applications can include content acquisition, broadcast quality conferencing and network broadcasts in various speeds and video formats.

Optical Private Line Service [Service Brochure]

Optical Private Line service is a dedicated connection delivered over fiber and can be: Ethernet, Rings, SONET, Virtual and DWDM or Wave. See how Optical Private Line service can work for you.  

AT&T Private Line Service [Service Brochure]

AT&T Private Line Service lets you connect your locations with safe, efficient and reliable communications at high speeds using AT&Ts  network. Utilizing AT&Ts Private Line Service portfolio brings the availability, reliability, network management and support that allows you to customize your network.

AT&T Local Private Line Service [Service Brochure]

AT&T Local Private Line Service gives you the ability to build your local network any way you want with the speeds and quality you expect.

AT&T Local Private Line Service offers speeds of DS1, DS3, DS3 with mux, OC3, OC3c, OC12, OC12c, OC48c, OC192c, STM1, STM4, STM16.

AT&T Optical Mesh Service [Service Brochure]

Optical Mesh Service is the ideal solution for customers with multiple on-net locations, data centers or business units  that need to flex links between those locations or need to restore mission critical service between on-net locations for disaster recovery. Pay a single rate for any number of configurations.

International Private Line [Service Brochure]

Dependable connectivity. AT&T International
Private Line Service delivers nearly flawless
voice and data transmission among your
international locations through AT&T's extensive
undersea network of fiber-optic cable.

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Optical Mesh Service Podcast [Audio, 6:22]

Optical Mesh Service (OMS) gives you a dynamic bandwidth-on-demand capability. Listen to this podcast to hear how OMS may help you get the most from your network without adding additional expense.


As you assess private line services for your business, here are some things to consider:

Whether your business requires high-speed access for local offices or nationwide coverage, private line services from AT&T can carry your voice, video and data traffic on a connection that fits your needs.

Is speed a competitive advantage?

If success is measured in seconds and getting to market with new ideas or information before your competitors is critical, the speed advantages of low-latency private line services may be right for you. Private line services can also be a good choice for sending time-critical data, such as brokerage-to-trading-floor communications.

Do you need a high level of data security?

Private line connections are dedicated point-to-point or multipoint services, so there are fewer opportunities for security breaches. This means your network may be less vulnerable to outside intruders.


Private line services are highly scalable and can be customized to meet unique business requirements. Data network consultants from AT&T can work with you to analyze your needs and design connections based on:

  • How much and what type of traffic you have
  • The locations between which the traffic will move
  • How often and how quickly data needs to be transmitted

Our consultants will also test complex setups in our proof-of-concept lab to help make certain your connections are ready to go once they are deployed.

Service delivery

Many private line services can be established quickly and easily. If your set up is more complex or you need very high speeds, AT&T data network consultants work with you to help ensure your connections are optimized before your service is deployed.

Customer support

The AT&T backbone network over which private lines are carried is monitored round the clock by the Network Operations Center. They respond quickly to network issues, helping to keep your applications up and running.

If you want to see what's going on in your network, the AT&T BusinessDirect® Map lets you:

  • View your network on an electronic map
  • Access current inventory listings
  • Check the near real-time status of trouble tickets, alarms and pending orders
  • Request network changes through an e-order feature

You can also view your electronic bill, submit trouble tickets and perform other administrative tasks through the AT&T BusinessDirect® portal.

For more information on how private line services from AT&T can help you meet your business demands, contact us today.