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MPLS VPN: The network foundation for your business communications.


Provide a highly secure foundation that connects your corporate headquarters, data centers, branch offices, small offices and mobile workers to each other, and to the applications they use to be productive. With VPN, you can converge multiple networks into a MPLS-enabled IP VPN that allows users to rely on a single network to add solutions such as voice over IP capabilities, collaboration or cloud applications.


Provide exceptional protection for your data with end-to-end encryption. Create a simple, highly secure VPN connection between remote users, satellite offices or mobile employee and your network hub.

Remote Access Service

Extend the reach of your VPN with mobile access from AT&T. Provide a consistent, highly secure user experience from virtually anywhere, anytime, with almost any device.

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Unleash the full potential of your VPN. Combine the performance of your virtual private network with innovative applications and services to provide a private, comprehensive networking solution that will extend your communication capabilities.

VPN & Voice

Realize the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of VoIP by combining it with the power of your VPN. By running VoIP over your VPN, you may:

  • Reduce jitter and latency so your VoIP calls are clear
  • Prioritize VoIP calls so you communicate freely
  • Create a foundation for unified communications
  • Help enable flexible call distribution for remote agents

In this recent blog post, Nav Chander, Research Manager, Enterprise Communication Services, IDC, describes how VPN can enable cloud and VoIP.

Integrate with SIP to Enable Collaboration

Enable collaboration, improve efficiency, and minimize the use of network capacity by integrating Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) with VPN. Together these technologies:

  • Enables easy access to applications in the cloud
  • Dynamically allocate bandwidth to adapt to changing business needs
  • Consolidate access resources by combining voice and data on the same network
  • Reduce voice trunking, local and long distance charges
  • Create an IP WAN connection that delivers unified communications capabilities
  • Easy integration of communication tools
  • Support future technology deployments

In this case study, learn how Kaman optimized business operations, provided a local presence for customers and helped ensure high levels of customer service using SIP technology and VoIP layered on an AT&T VPN.

Private Connectivity to the Cloud

Combining cloud services with VPNs creates a powerful networking solution that merges the layered security your business demands with the capability to dynamically scale computing, platform or storage capacity.

Using an AT&T VPN to access your cloud services creates a virtual "private cloud" experience. Benefit from:

  • Scalability and on-demand response cloud technology delivers
  • Added control VPN provides
  • Enterprise-grade security, performance, availability and control similar to a private cloud in one solution

In this white paper from IDC, learn how enterprise applications can benefit from advanced MPLS VPN solutions and uncover the market opportunity for next-generation IP business services that are enabled by an MPLS VPN.

Rely on your MPLS-based VPN to integrate new applications

AT&T uses MPLS technology with class of service (CoS) to provide you with enhanced control and flexibility over your network performance. Your VPN traffic can be prioritized using CoS and Quality of Service (QoS) so a single VPN can support all your business critical-applications, including:

  • VoIP
  • Video
  • Web and Audio conferencing
  • E-mail
  • Cloud-based applications
  • Database applications
  • Web browsing

Streamline application management

A VPN integrates your applications, technologies and locations into a single network, allowing you to:

  • Monitor applications within a single framework
  • Streamline management of your infrastructure (with an MPLS-enabled VPN) by giving you a single point of control for all your critical business functions
  • Simplify changes and upgrades and the addition of new applications and locations

Rely on your VPN for worry-free mobile access

Remote Access Services can extend your VPN to virtually anywhere, to virtually any device, giving all your employees access to core business applications, no matter how or where they connect. A VPN solution provides a private link between remote employees and central locations, so your corporate resources are always accessible.

Remote Access Services can be ideal for extending the reach of your corporate VPN to telecommuters and remote staff in a home office setting. But when work has you on the go, remote access also means providing fast connections on the fly to a range of mobile devices.


Build a foundation for the future with Hybrid VPN

Hybrid VPNs integrate multiple technologies and protocols into a dynamic networking solution. You can maximize performance based on site or user needs while ensuring resource efficiencies. Primary locations can receive high-end performance, while secondary locations may have lower demands. Often a hybrid IPsec/MPLS VPN will be deployed, whereby smaller sites and mobile workers connect to the MPLS VPN across a public Internet connection. And in cases where enhanced data security is needed, IPsec may be used to traverse the MPLS VPN for an additional layer of security.

Mixing and Matching VPN Service Types.

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  • Maximize your WAN and Extend Its Capabilities
  • Maximize your WAN and Extend Its Capabilities

    Commercial Connectivity Service from AT&T brings your most important applications into a wireless, more mobile environment. It creates highly secure access for employees, satellite offices and temporary locations—all while leveraging your existing wide-area network.
    PDF | 2MB



  • AT&T VPN Portfolio

    Customize your network design to meet your business needs. Global networking services ranging from individual components to tailored end-to-end solutions.

    PDF | 2MB



Case Studies



  • ICE's Connections Make for Smooth Sailing

    International Cruise and Excursions, Inc., (ICE) provides travel services that link millions of affinity group members with thousands of cruise, lodging, travel, golf and other leisure opportunities. To precisely route incoming callers, deliver video content and more, the company relies on a robust, global MPLS network. A cloud computing solution helps handle the ebbs and flows of web traffic. Now ICE can focus on “delivering the dream” to its customers.

    Video | [2:02]
  • Extend Access to Home Office Workers and Road Warriors

    The office is everywhere. A smart network brings everything together. Devices can talk to one another. Applications can be accessed anywhere in one simple platform. Learn how you can extend your enterprise network beyond the office with an AT&T VPN.

    Video | [2:07]



White Papers

  • Maximize your WAN: Commercial Connectivity Service

    In a competitive landscape, connecting remote workers and branch locations to the enterprise WAN is necessary, and flexibility in the connections to the WAN is important. Cellular access technology enables enterprises to support remote worker and branch office access to the enterprise WAN, providing access diversity in backup applications.

    PDF | 2MB
  • IDC MPLS VPN Whitepaper

    Discover how you can maximize the inherent security, quality of service and low latency of your AT&T VPN service.

  • Why You Still Need an MPLS VPN

    While IPsec does a fine job of securing data in transit, there are additional types of security and enhanced WAN services you need to run a truly business-class network that delivers the user experiences employees are expecting.

    PDF | 2MB

Additional Resources

  • What is a MPLS VPN?

    Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a standards-based technology used to prioritize the delivery of network packets creating a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

    PDF | 424KB
  • What is VPN? Learn the top 3 advantages of MPLS VPN from AT&T.
  • AT&T VPN services range from individual global networking components to tailored end-to-end solutions.
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