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Amplify your mobile engagement with AT&T Detect & Connect.

Rapid growth in mobile device usage makes it easy to reach consumers, but resonating with them can still present a challenge. AT&T Detect & Connect Solutions can help turn simple connections into valuable commerce through:

  • Create and track coupons
  • Manage loyalty programs
  • Provide location-based promotions
  • Create and manage many types of digital credentials

AT&T Commerce Connect

A user-friendly mobile marketing and commerce platform to easily:

  • Create and deliver creative offer campaigns
  • Target customers based on buying preferences
  • Integrate marketing and social media on mobile devices

AT&T NFC Connect: Securing customer credentials

Enable customers to use digital credentials on their mobile device quickly and in a highly secure manner, powered by our Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

AT&T Verify Connect powered by briidge.netTM

Verify Connect from AT&T is a cloud-based authentication service that helps protect the integrity of customer accounts, and creates simple, highly secure ways for users to access them.™ is a trademark of SecureKey. Technologies Inc.

AT&T Detect and Connect can help streamline interaction between businesses and customers. By utilizing NFC and non-NFC technology that’s already available in many smartphones, Detect and Connect solutions are highly secure, easy to integrate with existing systems and advantageous in various use cases:

NFC Connect in higher education

Management of physical access cards can require a lot of administrative work—and in the event of a lost card, they can incur high costs to users. NFC Connect is working with a major education service provider to replace physical ID, access and meal cards with an NFC Connect-enabled mobile application. Through our powerful NFC-based solution, students are able to make campus store purchases and reload meal balances with ease.

Staying competitive with Commerce Connect

Supermarkets and other retail chains are facing increased competition from non-traditional retailers. In order to maintain market share, they need to strengthen their relationship with customers, while also managing costs. AT&T Commerce Connect allows supermarkets, pharmacies, big box stores and other retailers to engage their audience through virtual loyalty programs, mobile gifting, personalized mobile coupons and the convenience of “tap-to-checkout” for coupon redemption, pre-paid cards and gift cards. All of this direct-to-consumer mobile engagement generates a wealth of consumer data that provides retailers valuable insight about the effectiveness of their campaigns and details about their customers’ behaviors. Commerce Connect makes the most of tight marketing budgets by enabling consumer marketing in a cost effective and engaging way.

Realize your mobile potential with NFC Services

Near Field Communication is growing rapidly. Without the right solutions, its vast ecosystem and cutting-edge technology can mean high deployment costs and investment risks. With AT&T Detect & Connect, you get the tools you need to reliably distribute credentials in a highly secure manner directly to consumers and employees via mobile devices—and through virtually any NFC-enabled mobile carrier.

In addition to a fully integrated solution, the NFC Connect “Software As A Service” model offers lower costs and pay-as-you-go access to highly secure NFC functionality—while minimizing concerns about platform maintenance, data centers or hosting fees.

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  • AT&T Detect and Connect Solutions
  • AT&T Detect and Connect Solutions

    AT&T Detect and Connect Solutions offer employers, retailers and a wide range of businesses a new way to manage and interact with their mobile employees, customers and consumers.
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  • AT&T Commerce Connect

    Commerce Connect Service Portal provides an intuitive user interface for non-technical users to create, manage, distribute and provision both NFC and non-NFC mobile commerce services.

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  • AT&T NFC Connect

    NFC Connect is ATT’s Service Provider Trusted Service Manager (SP-TSM) service offering.

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