Mobile Enterprise Management

Simplifying the complexity of mobility

Take a holistic approach to your mobile strategy. Mobile Enterprise Management from AT&T spans the entire mobility lifecycle – from delivering network security and device control, to managing devices and applications, and content distribution on both corporate and personal devices.

Maximize Your Mobile Expense Management

Empower workers to be more productive—virtually anytime, anywhere.

Box from AT&T

Provide a central, cloud-based workspace where you can create, edit, manage, sync and share files in real time—and on most mobile devices.

bigtincan hub from AT&T

Transform user engagement on wireless devices.


Improve the productivity of your organization with a strategic highly secure bring your own device approach.  Standardize deployment of data and applications to employee-owned devices, enhancing your employee’s flexibility and ability to respond to business needs.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Help improve visibility and control of your workforce’s mobile devices. With an MDM solution, provide a highly secure manner in which your employees can conduct business on their mobile device while aiding the productivity of mobile workers.

RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T

Increase productivity by allowing employees to work from practically anywhere - providing customers with an easy way to reach them. Visit RingCentral Office@Hand.

Wireless Expense Management

AT&T Telecom Expense Management services: Take control of your mobile expenses with AT&T GMM solutions. Access consolidated reporting with TEM. Ease carrier management with GEM enhanced.

Collaborate with mobility experts while you focus on your business

Eliminate the ongoing costs and challenges of keeping your own team current in the latest developments in mobility. With a diverse mobile management solution set and alliances with a wide variety of best-of-breed mobile firms, AT&T can help you transform your organization.

Create customized applications and content to match unique needs

Enhance your business processes by customizing the functionality and data that is accessible to your employees and customers to fit their individual needs. AT&T can help you to:

  • Develop mobile applications and content that support your brand
  • Manage, control and deploy them efficiently and in a highly secure manner across multiple devices and platforms
  • Understand what data and features your employees need to perform effectively
  • Understand your customers’ content needs

Empower employees to support your business 24/7

Reduce time and costs and enhance employee morale by delivering a highly secure mobile workspace on employee personal devices. With a BYOD solution:

  • Employees are able to respond to a business lead or need nearly anytime and anywhere.
  • Costs of purchasing, maintaining and deploying a dedicated business device are eliminated.
  • Training time and costs to learn how to use new devices are reduced, since employees are using a familiar and “always available” device.
  • Employee satisfaction is increased as the need to carry a separate business device is eliminated.

Streamline provisioning of applications and content

Simplify and optimize provisioning, updates and ongoing support of mobile applications and data.

  • Quickly push application updates and OS releases to multiple devices simultaneously over the air.
  • Remotely add and remove specific applications and content as your workforce’s business needs evolve.
  • Monitor real-time status of individual devices.
  • Speed troubleshooting with diagnostic tools.
  • Use analytics to understand app usage and identify under-performing apps

Deliver control of devices

Reduce security concerns by monitoring and controlling access to protect your mobile business assets.

  • Standardize security controls at the device and network level.
  • Identify and block botnets.
  • Restrict mobile access to unauthorized sites.
  • Monitor individual access.
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