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Mobile Disaster Recovery: Prepare Now For Readiness Later

Whether a disaster comes from Mother Nature or human nature, being prepared is the best way to help ensure public safety. When an unexpected event occurs, first responders, healthcare providers and remote workforces at emergency sites must have a way to maintain operations and communicate without interruption.

A range of AT&T Mobile Disaster Recovery solutions can provide the “always on” mobile connectivity field workers need to exchange information virtually in real time – supporting the jobs they do and the critical services they deliver.

Deploy cell towers with AT&T Remote Mobility Zone

AT&T Remote Mobility Zone lets you set up your own portable cell tower when mobile coverage is disrupted. It provides recoverable GSM voice and data equipment, which can be easily deployed in disaster areas where AT&T is licensed to provide cellular coverage. It offers:

  • Cellular communications in the vital first minutes of disaster
  • Always on, VSAT connections and PSTN connectivity
  • Connections via your satellite or LAN or through optional, separately purchased satellite services from AT&T

Get critical information with Smart911 from AT&T

AT&T Smart911

Video Conferencing Award

Help first responders get the critical information they need quickly and accurately.

Learn more about AT&T Smart911

Smart911 from AT&T provides public safety agencies with the information needed to assist 9-1-1 callers. Citizens create personal profiles on a highly secure website, including photos, medical conditions, disabilities and other vital facts. Profile data is delivered to the dispatcher’s workstation automatically with the 9-1-1 call to help:

  • Shorten the information gathering process
  • Identify critical issues when callers are under duress or stress
  • Dispatch first responders to the scene more quickly, armed with important facts

This national system works with landline, mobile and VoIP calls and is Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) compliant.

Protect data with AT&T Encrypted Mobile Voice

This service provides end-to-end security features for confidential and sensitive mobile calls and text messages. Optimized for performance on the AT&T mobile network, it transforms standard smartphones into protected communication devices to:

  • Help you meet government-grade classifications for Controlled Unclassified Information and Sensitive But Unclassified
  • Provide NIST FIPS 140-2 validation
  • Deliver advanced security features with two factor authentication
  • Expand coverage and wireless roaming over 170 countries

Reduce the impact with AT&T Mobile Disaster Recovery

If you need to minimize the impact of unexpected events, find out more about AT&T Mobile Disaster Recovery solutions.

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Considerations for Mobile Disaster Recovery

Have you assessed your readiness?

To help ensure the quick recovery of communications after a disaster strikes, AT&T hosts Technology Recovery Demonstrations across the country. The drills include establishing emergency communications channels from the site – using equipment such as Emergency Communications Vehicles, satellite COLTs (Cell on Light Trucks), and microwave radio links.

These preparedness exercises can help you assess your own readiness and determine the impact a disaster can have on your critical communications network, your operations and your ability to provide services. To attend a demonstration by our Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) organization, talk to your AT&T representative.

Do your employees use mobile devices for work now?

If they do, are they the right devices? If the mobile devices they use have only limited capabilities, you’re missing the opportunity to increase productivity now and keep operations flowing in the wake of disaster. For example, if you evolve from cell phones to smartphones and take advantage of AT&T Remote Mobility Zone, mobile workers could still access applications and other productivity tools during the disruption.

What can you mobilize today to increase your readiness?

If your organization is driven by manual or paper-based processes, a disastrous event could bring your operations to a standstill. Automating and mobilizing your business processes now can be your first defense in a disaster. Why? Consider this: If you’ve mobilized the dispatch process with location-aware smartphone applications that alert you of where your workers are in real-time, you could dispatch emergency crews faster and resume business as usual once critical communications are restored by an AT&T Mobile Disaster Recovery solution, which could communicate with a recovery data center.

Assess Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Your AT&T representative can work with you to assess your mobile disaster recovery preparedness and how AT&T Remote Mobility Zone, AT&T Encrypted Mobile Voice, and Smart911 from AT&T can be part of your overall business continuity plan. Talk to your AT&T representative about arranging an on-site readiness assessment.

Designing your Mobile Disaster Recovery Solution

AT&T Mobility Account Consultants can review the processes and functions that must be performed in the event of emergency to help you choose the mobile disaster recovery solutions that address those needs.

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Mobile Disaster Service Delivery and Support

Smart 911 from AT&T
Smart911 from AT&T is delivered for a per seat, per call fee, plus an annual licensing fee. AT&T provides installation services at the customer site. Customers visit to create their personal profile at no cost to them.

AT&T Remote Mobility Zone
For AT&T Remote Mobility Zone, AT&T supplies customers with on-site base station equipment for a portable cell tower, which can be delivered in a hardened container ready for deployment or deployed in a mounted command vehicle or a permanent remote site.

AT&T Encrypted Mobile Voice
AT&T Encrypted Mobile Voice provides a hardware-anchored TrustChip, a fully hardened and self contained crypto engine, along with encryption software, which can be managed over the air. Users insert the TrustChip into their smartphone’s microSD slot.

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Talk to your AT&T representative about AT&T Mobile Disaster Recovery solutions, including AT&T Remote Mobility Zone, AT&T Encrypted Mobile Voice, and Smart911 from AT&T.

Learn more about connecting virtually anytime, anywhere with AT&T remote access services.

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