Messaging for Healthcare

Providing highly secure, compliant messaging.

Combine the simplicity of texting with highly secure messaging tools in support of HIPAA compliance. AT&T highly secure messaging healthcare solutions provide a safe, easy way for healthcare professionals, staff and patients to efficiently exchange information from virtually anywhere.

HipLink® presented by AT&T

HipLink presented by AT&TStreamline workflows and reduce costs with our comprehensive, peer-to-peer highly secure messaging platform for healthcare professionals. Consolidate devices and manage multiple functions, and tasks via one powerful messaging platform.

Global Smart Messaging Suite for Healthcare

Reach more patients, staff and vendors in more places. Take advantage of near real time highly secure messaging in support of HIPAA compliance and a suite of integrated applications to improve patient outreach and staff communication.

HipLink® is a registered trademark of HipLink Software.

Safe and efficient messaging for healthcare is key to optimizing patient outreach and staff productivity. AT&T highly secure messaging solutions empower staff and patients with a reliable, comprehensive platform that quickly delivers messages, alerts and notifications from virtually anywhere.

Messaging for Healthcare Providers

Workplace inefficiency, appointment no-shows and poor adherence to patient medication regimens can hurt staff productivity and patient health outcomes. Hospitals and clinics can benefit from multiple AT&T highly secure messaging products. AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite for Healthcare (GSMS for Healthcare) offers a feature-rich platform with powerful staffing applications, automated alerts, highly secure messaging, and patient outreach that can help improve patient flow and reduce administration costs.

AT&T GSMS for Healthcare provides a suite of patient outreach tools that can:

  • Send automated appointment reminders
  • Keep patients informed and on-track with their medications
  • Distribute community health messages
  • Target specific groups with customized marketing offers

Administrators can also benefit from powerful staffing tools. StaffMatch enables organizations to better optimize scheduling, while StaffSafe makes it easier to check in on home health workers.

Healthcare regulations continue to call for highly secure, HIPAA compliant messaging solutions when dealing with personal health information (PHI). With HipLink presented by AT&T messages can be automatically sent from backend systems or from the admin portal directly to clinicians streamlining processes. Standard messages can be sent to various devices and highly secure messages can be sent to or from the HipLink Mobile App in support of HIPAA compliance.

HipLink® presented by AT&T helps your organization reduce administration and operations costs through:

HipLink presented by AT&T
  • Device consolidation
  • Automated clinical messaging
  • Peer-to-peer messaging

Clinical Messaging for Healthcare

HipLink® presented by AT&T lets clinicians use one messaging platform for their mobile devices to communicate across their healthcare organizations with a high level of security and convenience. Additionally, the HipLink Mobile App provides clinicians a worry free and compliant method to communicate PHI among peers.

HipLink® is a registered trademark of HipLink Software.

Simplifying Healthcare Messaging

Healthcare organizations require speed and reliability, especially when transmitting highly secure clinical messaging. They can also benefit from cost savings by streamlining disparate task management, messaging and notification systems. HipLink® presented by AT&T simplifies operations by enabling users to:

  • Send messages in support of HIPAA compliance
  • Communicate with colleagues from virtually anywhere
  • Combine manual and automated messaging in one solution
  • Manage communications via one user-friendly window

Messaging for Healthcare helps improve patient outreach

Extending patient care beyond hospital walls is key to better population health outcomes and reduced readmission rates. AT&T Global Messaging Suite for Healthcare can provide a more efficient way to remind patients about appointments, procedures and prescription refills. It can also help you reach an increasingly complex patient population and streamline communication.

Examples of patient outreach messaging include:

  • Appointment, procedure and prescription reminders
  • Waitlist contacts
  • Community health awareness/literacy
  • Preventive health messaging

Other uses of GSMS include:

  • Staffing management and communication
  • Billing and administration notices
  • Marketing campaigns
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