mHealth Solutions

Transform healthcare delivery through mobile technology.

AT&T mHealth Solutions build upon the core strengths in mobility, security, and cloud to offer solutions that enable health enterprises to engage patients, improve outcomes and lower costs. You can increase connectivity between patients and caregivers as well as other stakeholders when and where it's needed to deliver the right care at the right time.

Messaging for Healthcare

Providing highly secure, compliant messaging.

Mobile Patient Care

Practical mobile healthcare solutions to help you engage patients with personalized, collaborative care, improve care transitions, and automate care management.

Enabling Healthcare Mobility

Rapidly build integrated healthcare solutions with a comprehensive, highly secure infrastructure that is designed to comply with the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules. Trust AT&T to help you manage all your mobile devices, mobile applications and tools designed to improve consumer health.

mHealth Consulting

AT&T mHealth Consulting experts draw on the experience of numerous AT&T mobility deployments to provide real-world, actionable solutions tailored to your needs. AT&T solutions specialists can help you define technical and business requirements to develop a strategic roadmap and action plan for a custom mobile health solution.

AT&T mHealth: Improving patient outcomes with increased efficiency and reduced costs

AT&T sees mHealth not just as mobile communications in healthcare, but also as connectivity between patients, caregivers and other stakeholders when and where it's needed to deliver the right care at the right time to an empowered consumer.

Transition care across settings

Whether you choose an end-to-end turnkey solution or a Software-as-a-Service model, AT&T Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions can help track the health status of high-risk patients. Monitoring devices, such as digital scales, pulse oximeters and glucose meters, transmit near-real-time data wirelessly to care center staff, so they can:

  • Review information and triage alerts
  • Communicate with patients to verify alerts and avoid unnecessary use of medical resources
  • Take appropriate steps or contact patient’s physician
  • View device data in an online portal to monitor patients and consider intervention

Automate care processes, unify messaging

AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite for Healthcare provides encrypted short messaging services (SMS), or texting, for a more efficient way to remind patients about appointments, procedures, prescription refills or billing issues. It can also help you reach an expanded ecosystem with timely health data, including patients and staff members, as well as healthcare delivery partners, such as payers and pharmaceutical providers.

HipLink presented by AT&T provides peer-to-peer communication over Wi-Fi or data networks, allowing hospital staffs – including healthcare professionals, IT and operations personnel – to exchange important, near-real-time health data from nearly anywhere. This comprehensive notification solution offers a single platform for messaging, alerting and paging.

Launch applications, store data on an integrated mHealth platform

AT&T mHealth Platform can deliver a more cost-effective way to build, integrate and run telehealth applications and reduce information silos. It also provides a highly secure data storage solution. Designed to meet HIPAA privacy and security requirements, it enables end users to easily access and share stored health information.

Manage the mobile device life cycle

AT&T Managed Tablets solution can reduce the complexity of procuring, deploying and managing tablets.

Plan your mobile health strategy

AT&T mHealth Consulting Services, delivered by our highly skilled professionals, can help you:

  • Define organizational, technical and business requirements
  • Develop a strategic roadmap and step-by-step action plan
  • Implement telehealth solutions
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  • AT&T EverThere

    The AT&T EverThereSM solution, a mobile personal emergency response system, offers an integrated mobile communication solution for selected populations facing a real or perceived emergency.

  • PDF | 636KB
  • AT&T mHealth Member Services Application

    The AT&T mHealth Member Services Application helps health plans increase brand loyalty and reduce costs by delivering a modular and flexible self-serve mobile solution for communication with plan members.

  • PDF | 742KB
  • AT&T mHealth Consulting

    AT&T mHealth Consulting experts draw on the experience of numerous AT&T mobility deployments to provide actionable, real-world recommendations.

  • PDF | 739KB
  • AT&T mHealth Platform

    The AT&T mHealth Platform enables enterprises and developers to rapidly develop, launch and scale enterprise and patient centric healthcare solutions.

  • PDF | 798KB


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White Papers

  • Texting to Engage Patients on Their Own Terms

    As the healthcare industry moves from volume-based to value-based reimbursement, the focus of healthcare systems and accountable care organizations is moving to population health management (PHM), which requires patient engagement to succeed.

  • PDF | 801KB

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