Fleet Management Solutions

Wirelessly track, monitor and enable Your fleet.

AT&T Fleet Management Solutions provide the vehicle, asset tracking and advanced monitoring tools your organization needs to get the right information to the right people—so your mobile fleet can be more efficient, profitable and customer-focused.

For General Commercial Fleets

AT&T Fleet Center

Affordable and easy-to-use fleet and asset management for businesses of all sizes with the latest tools for tracking, scheduling, driver behavior, and fuel management.

AT&T Fleet Complete

GPS-based tracking and management solution that collects and sends vital tracking, dispatch, signature capture* and barcode scanning* information between operations staff, mobile workers and fleet vehicles.

For Government Fleets

AT&T Fleet Manager

A powerful web-based location and telematics solution that provides near real-time and historical GPS-based information including vehicle and driver performance, comprehensive mapping capabilities, and an in-depth suite of configurable reports.

For Over The Road Trucking

AT&T Fleet Driver Center

Complete electronic logging device (ELD) solution for HOS compliance.

*Requires purchase of separate device.

Control labor and fuel with fleet management

Labor and fuel are often a fleet’s biggest expenses. AT&T provides ways to that can help you control both. Intelligent dispatching optimizes routes so you can save time, labor and fuel costs—and can help your drivers stay HOS compliant. Remote monitoring pinpoints problems so you can avoid unnecessary repairs, fuel expenses and fines.

Maximize scheduling and dispatch

Paperwork and manual administrative processes can drain valuable time and money. AT&T Mobile Fleet Solutions allow dispatchers to send delivery schedules and manifests directly to a driver’s mobile device. Drivers can collect job data on-site, document proof of delivery and even submit timecard information, quickly and in a highly secure manner.

Efficient fleet maintenance

Fleet efficiency requires a smart maintenance strategy. Real-time wireless data and automatic reporting of vehicle status can help identify when to schedule routine maintenance—and when to avoid expensive repairs. GPS-enabled location-based services and remote shut-off also can help avoid unnecessary fuel, insurance and liability costs.

Improve customer response times with fleet management

Meeting customer expectations is key to long-term success. AT&T Fleet Management Solutions provide the tools you need to improve response times and customer satisfaction. Automated dispatch and real-time location tracking improve fleet performance while giving your customers narrower, more reliable estimates for deliveries and service times.

Boost productivity with wireless monitoring

Expensive satellite systems and wasteful paper processes get in the way of profit and productivity. AT&T Fleet Management provides wireless monitoring and software management solutions that reduce costs while boosting productivity and safety. By eliminating time-consuming administrative processes, you can reduce driver error and keep mobile workers focused on core responsibilities.

Maximizing fleet performance

Theft prevention, route efficiency and vehicle maintenance are key to managing a productive mobile fleet. AT&T designs solutions that provide real-time route optimization, automatic reporting of vehicle conditions, maintenance scheduling and tools that can help drivers comply with HOS regulations. With Fleet Management from AT&T, you can maximize fleet performance while avoiding unnecessary fuel, insurance and liability costs.

AT&T provides custom Fleet Management Solutions that optimize physical assets and streamline logistics.

Benefits include:

  • Efficient routing
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Reduced idling time
  • Increased driver safety
  • Fine prevention
  • Eliminating paper processes
  • Lower labor costs
  • Increased productivity
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  • I.C.E. Heating and Cooling Keeps its Business Rolling with Mobile Solutions

    I.C.E.’s technicians get an early start each day, but it’s the company’s use of a suite of mobility solutions that helps them provide top-notch customer service. Not only are they able to cut the service delivery window in half, but they can fit in an extra service call each day while cutting fuel costs by five percent.

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