Critical Communication Solutions

Improve the security and reliability of remote collaboration.

Improve the security and reliability of remote collaboration

Stay connected to, manage and act upon important information and resources. Critical Communication Solutions from AT&T combine the flexibility of mobile devices with the strength and security of our network, so you can:

  • Respond to unexpected events with highly secure, near-instant communications
  • Help enable and enhance the reach and dependability of mission-critical operations
  • Simplify deployment with expert guidance from AT&T

AT&T Remote Mobility Zone

Deploy wireless coverage where and when you need it and strengthen critical infrastructure with reliable, highly secure mobile connectivity.

AT&T Encrypted Mobile Communications

Transform standard smartphones into protected devices for your confidential and sensitive voice and text communications.

The security and reliability of Critical Communication Solutions can connect the most vital parts of any enterprise, but they are especially useful for:

Providing protection and business continuity in critical communications

AT&T Encrypted Mobile Services can help you collaborate freely with protected communications. We offer solutions that can help you make highly secure calls and text messages from anywhere in the US, so you can more easily exchange sensitive information.

AT&T Encrypted Mobile Services allows you to manage your most sensitive communications in high-profile events and situations like mergers and IPOs, as well as regulatory requirements and other private information.

Critical communication solutions for remote installations

AT&T Remote Mobility Zone is a portable cellular coverage solution that should be part of any first line response team. Get reliability where you need it most.

AT&T Remote Mobility Zone can:

  • Provide highly secure connectivity for temporary job sites or long-term operations with no existing wireless coverage.
  • Be integrated with existing cellular infrastructure such as distributed antennas or existing towers to augment coverage and reduce costs.
  • Be used by First Responders, whether they are part of the federal, state or local government, or part of law enforcement or homeland security.

Large-scale device deployments

Simplify security across devices. We can help you plan, configure and deploy a large number of highly secure smartphones, so you can get your mobile workforce up and running fast.


Disaster recovery using critical communication solutions

Stay connected after a natural disaster or network disruption. Our state-of-the-art business continuity solutions can help maximize the accessibility and up time of your critical infrastructure.

Take advantage of flexibility and protection

Stay connected to vital information. Critical Communication Solutions offer enterprise-grade security along with fixed and mobile connectivity options, so you can communicate safely and effectively.

Benefit from robust, user-friendly capabilities

Critical Communication Solutions offer highly secure messaging and connectivity through two easy-to-use services:

AT&T Remote Mobility Zone provides remote connectivity through cellular base stations in locations where service may be limited or unavailable. We can help configure these solutions and seamlessly integrate them with your AT&T mobile devices—so you can benefit from mobility into more places.

AT&T Encrypted Mobile Services protect wireless communication at the application and device levels. By integrating with a mobile device’s address book, it enables a user to initiate secure calls and texts with the push of a button.

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  • AT&T Remote Mobility Zone Trailer

    AT&T Remote Mobility Zone trailer offers a simple and powerful fixed communication solution for entities looking for a business continuity solution for remote installations or for augmentation of the AT&T network.

  • PDF | 706KB
  • AT&T Remote Mobility Zone

    AT&T Remote Mobility Zone offers a simple and powerful fixed communication solution for entities looking for a business continuity solution for remote installations or for augmentation of the AT&T network at.

  • PDF | 589KB
  • AT&T Encrypted Mobile Services

    AT&T Encrypted Mobile Services provides mobility customers with end to end security features for confidential and sensitive calls and text messages.

  • PDF | 2MB


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