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Ease your IT burden with Managed Hosting Solutions

Maintaining performance and availability can be a heavy burden for any IT organization – especially with today’s staff, budget and compliance challenges. With so much focus on daily management tasks and troubleshooting, you may not have time to focus on supporting core business initiatives. Managed hosting services from AT&T can ease your workload, your economic pressures and your mind.

Decrease overhead through dedicated hosting

Managed hosting services free internal staffs from infrastructure management. AT&T hosts, manages and supports IT systems and resources for you in our enterprise-class global Internet Data Centers.

Maintaining, updating and supporting an IT infrastructure is an on-going, people-intensive process. It’s also an expensive one that greatly increases total cost of ownership – especially when specialized skill sets are needed. With managed hosting, you can expect:

  • Predictable monthly expenses covering infrastructure and labor costs
  • An intelligently managed IT environment, run by expert IT professionals
  • Improved labor utilization, as you focus IT resources on higher value business initiatives

Deliver high levels of performance and availability

Whether it’s keeping users productive, closing the books or taking an online order, you must maintain high performance and availability – even during peak activity. There’s too much at stake not to. When AT&T hosts and manages your environment, you can benefit from the built-in reliability, redundancy and operational performance of AT&T data centers, the AT&T network, and AT&T personnel.

Help reduce risks with managed hosting

When money is tight, actively managing software and operating systems updates can become a lower priority, but can lead to higher operating and performance risks. Our support staff works to keep systems up to date by frequently testing and applying patches, fixes and updates to help:

  • Reduce vulnerability and risk
  • Simplify security and compliance
  • Maintain business continuity

Rely on AT&T Managed Hosting Solutions

Whether you need a single server or thousands, an enterprise-wide solution or support for specific applications or regions, AT&T managed hosting services can help. We work with your staff in a flexible way that makes sense for your organization to deliver a solution tailored to your needs. A range of managed hosting services feature:

  • A global footprint of 38 AT&T enterprise-class data centers
  • Direct connections to the global AT&T IP network
  • 24x7 monitoring, management and support
  • Physical security backed by audit controls
  • Up to 99.99% availability backed by service level agreements
  • A web portal for control and visibility into the environment
  • Options for remote management of existing facilities, shared hosting or dedicated hosting

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Dedicated Hosting Considerations

Considering these questions upfront can help you make a smooth move to an AT&T managed hosting environment:

Are equipment investments taking funds away from strategic projects?

Investments in equipment, facilities management and people can be significant with an in-house solution. With AT&T managed hosting services, you pay a monthly fee for IT services. Capital investments can be diverted away from keeping IT running to keeping the business running and moving forward.

Do you have a complete inventory of your current environment?

Take an inventory of the IT assets you have now to know what you’ll need in the new hosted environment. That can be difficult and time-consuming if you have distributed assets across multiple data centers. The AT&T professional services team can help with site surveys that create an accurate accounting of assets.

Where are you in the technology lifecycle?

If your hardware, software or operating systems are reaching end of life, it can be a good time to move to a hosted solution. Again, take a thorough assessment of where you are in those lifecycles, along with where you want to be and when. Having a complete, realistic schedule upfront can simplify the move to your new managed hosting environment.

AT&T manages more than 400,000 network devices and servers at Internet data centers and client sites around the globe.

Are you growing your business globally?

Are you acquiring off-shore companies? Expanding into new markets? If so, you need a plan to support that strategy. With a worldwide presence in managed hosting and the global reach of the AT&T network, you can focus on business growth – while we focus on managing the IT environment to help get you there.

Design your Managed Hosting Solution

AT&T solution architects assess your needs and work with you to design a managed hosting infrastructure to help meet your stated performance, scalability and availability demands. Comprehensive security and redundancy is inherent in all our designs to help protect data and ease compliance, and can be scaled to meet your specific needs.

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Service Delivery for Managed Hosting

With over 12 years of hosting and infrastructure deployment experience, AT&T can quickly implement your solution in our data centers, using a shared hosting or dedicated hosting model. We apply proven best practices and ITIL-based operational processes for a high level of reliability from the start. A single point of contact for you can simplify the delivery phase.

Managed Hosting Customer Support

An assigned account support team provides multiple layers of support. They respond quickly to issues, implement changes and carry out the daily tasks that help keep availability high. You can count on the AT&T support team for responsive, around-the-clock support for managed hosting.

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