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Engage Audiences Through Content Delivery

The exploding demand for video, rich digital media and interactive web applications presents great opportunities for growing revenue. 

To engage customers, speed content delivery or close a sale, you need a high-performance infrastructure that provides a positive, responsive web experience. You also need ways to accelerate performance for cloud and other applications while you optimize assets for a changing array of mobile devices and platforms.

Streamline digital workflow through content delivery

AT&T Digital Media Solutions enable you to manage, package, and distribute your video and rich multi-media web content across public and private networks.

With AT&T you can:

  • Acquire and ingest content from multiple sources
  • Strategically distribute content across a global network
  • Deliver content to diverse platforms and devices
  • Track, monitor and report user activity to quickly revise content strategies

Improve the content delivery experience

Any service hiccup can mean missed opportunities, increased churn and lost revenue.  So, the quality of the digital media experience you provide can become a competitive differentiator.

With AT&T Digital Media Solutions, you can take advantage of:

  • A powerful combination of content delivery, optimization, acceleration, security and value-added services, with the reach and reliability of the AT&T network
  • One of the fastest mobile broadband networks in the U.S.
  • Proven technologies, services and strategies for connecting with virtually any audience, on any compatible device, virtually anywhere
  • A scalable infrastructure for responsive service as data volumes and demands grow
  • The expertise of AT&T Digital Media solution designers ready to help plan and deliver the right products and services to meet your needs

Simplify content delivery and management

AT&T Digital Media Solutions help reduce complexity with:

  • Turnkey installations
  • Fully managed content delivery solutions with 24x7 support
  • End-to-end security to help protect content
  • Comprehensive design, implementation and management services
  • A single point of contact for your content delivery solution

Thrive in the competitive marketplace

A broad range of AT&T Digital Media Solutions and Services can help your enterprise deliver engaging experiences that drive loyalty and reduce churn, while opening new revenue channels. AT&T Digital Media Solutions include Broadcast Video, Content Distribution, Digital Signage and Video Management.

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Will your organization benefit from a CDN solution?

Enterprises are straining to keep pace with rapidly growing demands for optimized content delivery across multiple platforms, including the explosive number of mobile devices.  Tight budgets and staffing, occasional or seasonal spikes in traffic and advances in technology, such as IPv6, are all contributing to the pressure.

CDN solutions from AT&T simplify content management and technology change. Our end-to-end managed solutions help deliver richer content to your target audiences quickly and consistently, with faster page load times and SLA-backed network stability.

Do you distribute content both externally and internally?

We offer CDN solutions for public content distribution across the Internet, including social media sites. We also offer internal, "walled garden" content distribution within corporate firewalls.


AT&T can help you plan and design a digital media solution to meet your content delivery needs. Services can extend from assessing your requirements, deployment and on-going operations to reporting assistance, integration services and recommendations for improving security.


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Service Delivery

Globally-experienced AT&T technical staff are available to quickly launch and deploy your content delivery solutions. We use industry best practices and experience we've gained through engagements worldwide.

Customer Support

Your dedicated account support team will respond rapidly with multiple layers of support around-the-clock for your managed content distribution solution. A single contact number is available to manage any issues.

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