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Colocation Data Centers

Are you feeling the squeeze as more servers and storage assets vie for space in your data centers? While expanding capacity for more regions, markets or applications traditionally pushes spatial limits, data center consolidation is now a leading cause of congestion as companies seek to reduce total cost of ownership. With colocation hosting, you manage your own systems in a provider's data centers, with room to grow.

AT&T Colocation Hosting

Read the Colocation Hosting product brief

Tap into colocation hosting for faster, more cost-effective consolidation and easier growth.

Read the Colocation Hosting product brief

In the current economy, investing in new facilities may be out the question. It may even be hard to secure the funds needed to expand existing data centers. Colocation hosting makes it possible to:

Manage power and cooling with colocation hosting

As power-per-square-foot increases in a data center, cooling resources struggle to keep up. One data center hot spot could potentially cause damage to critical servers and storage arrays within minutes - leading to hours or days of availability problems. A colocation hosting provider can:

  • Manage power and cooling resources for you
  • Help protect equipment investments
  • Help prevent downtime

Ease data center congestion with AT&T colocation hosting

When you choose AT&T as a colocation services provider, you join thousands of businesses around the world that take advantage of our colocation hosting services including:

  • Presence in AT&T global Internet Data Centers
  • Access to the world's leading global IP network
  • 24x7 facility and network monitoring and management
  • Physical security backed by audit controls
  • Power and cooling management

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Colocation Services Provider Considerations

Shrinking floor space and budgets make now a good time to learn more about colocation hosting services. As you make your "build vs. buy" decision, here are a few things to consider:

With over 12 years of hosting experience, AT&T can help you plan and deploy and support a colocation solution with room to grow.

Can you afford to build?

Consider the cost of building, staffing and securing a new data center, plus making it compliant and redundant enough for critical business operations. Add in capital equipment costs and it may be much easier to prove your case for colocation hosting services. AT&T colocation customers can reduce capital outlay with a predictable monthly service fee.

How long can you stay as you are?

You can consolidate multiple servers on a single blade, or virtualize to reduce the number of servers needed to deliver compute power. But the newly freed space can quickly be filled, and you can soon be back to the same capacity problem. With data center construction lasting as long as 12 to 18 months, now may be the time to set your colocation hosting plans in motion.

Are power and cooling costs rising?

If you're running fans in your data center or server rooms to cool the heat from high-density blades and large storage arrays, you're only adding to the biggest financial draw in a data center: energy. AT&T tests and deploys the latest power and cooling technologies in our data centers to help reduce energy consumption and our carbon footprint.

Has availability become a critical issue?

You never want to stand in front of your board of directors to explain why critical business applications were down. But usage spikes, power outages or security breaches can put you there. AT&T data centers:

  • Employ multiple layers of security and redundancy
  • Up to 99.999 percent network availability backed by service level agreements
  • Provide a viable solution for maintaining business continuity and compliance

Do you have a plan for growth?

While consolidation is a leading culprit in overcrowded data centers, business growth will add to IT demands as the economy recovers. With colocation services, you can start with a single cabinet, scale to increase your footprint and capacity, then take advantage of the global reach of AT&T data centers and networks - with the simplicity of one hosting provider for your colocation solution.

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Colocation Service Delivery

To help you deploy your hardware infrastructure in AT&T data centers, we can provide:

  • "Remote hands" services to help you rack, stack and stage your equipment
  • Configure the environment to support specific power, cooling and redundancy requirements
  • Build high-bandwidth, low-latency connections into the AT&T network

Colocation Hosting Customer Support

AT&T monitors and manages the data center infrastructure and network. You manage and maintain your servers and storage assets. Our web portal can make remote tasks easier - whether you're managing a single cabinet or multiple "raised floor" environments spread across the globe. Performance reports help you spot issues, so you can take action before they can impact uptime.

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