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Speed Time to Market for SaaS Delivery

You focus on building great software. We help you bring it to life, with years of SaaS enablement expertise at your service.

As an independent software vendor (ISV), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) lets you deliver your applications over the Internet. For your customers, it means a more affordable alternative to packaged software. For you, it means a whole new business and revenue model.

Your ability to move smartly and swiftly to market with your SaaS offering is key to gaining a competitive position. AT&T TopLineISVsm can help you every step of the way. More than just hosting and hardware, TopLineISV includes a consultative team of experts focused on your software and its market success.

Focus on software development with SaaS enablement

You need to concentrate on your core competency – software development – not hosting and managing the infrastructure that enables your SaaS offering. With TopLineISV, you host your SaaS offering within an AT&T data center to help:

  • Reduce capital investments in hardware and support staff
  • Go to market faster with a utility-based infrastructure
  • Control costs with predictable monthly pricing
  • Minimize risks of adopting a new business model

Tap into SaaS enablement expertise

TopLineISV gives you easy access to technical and business experts in SaaS deployments, who can provide you with valuable insights and advice on improving software delivery

When you choose AT&T as your hosting provider for SaaS services, you join many before you who have trusted us to help them launch, develop and extend their on-premise offerings into SaaS. Find out more about how AT&T can help you plan, design, deploy and support your SaaS solution.

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Moving to a new business model can be complex. As you consider SaaS as a new business opportunity, you may be wondering:

Should you host SaaS services yourself?

The shift from selling software licenses to software subscriptions is a major transition. As with any big change that impacts your business, launching a SaaS service can divert attention away from core business activities.

This is especially true when you consider managing every aspect of the hosting cycle, from buying equipment to managing and updating the infrastructure. Ask yourself this question: Are you in the software business, or the hosting business?

Should you delay SaaS initiatives until the economy improves?

Going to market with a new service can be risky in a tight economy. But it can also be risky to wait while competitors take advantage of SaaS popularity.

With AT&T TopLineISVsm, you reduce the risk of capital equipment investments and hiring extra staff. You start with a basic monthly fee and scale up as you grow. This helps reduce financial exposure and control costs as you roll out your new SaaS business model.

How will you keep up with growth?

First, you may worry if your SaaS offering will be successful. Next, you may worry what will happen if it is. Your hosted SaaS solution is based on a virtualized AT&T infrastructure, designed for fluctuating demands and flexible growth. When usage spikes, you get an automatic burst of extra capacity. After the rush, capacity scales back to base levels. Again, you pay only for the extra capacity you use, when you use it.


To help design your SaaS solution, AT&T offers a one-day Technical Design Workshop, where you:

  • Take part in a hands-on session with AT&T design experts
  • Explore critical architecture requirements
  • Receive a blueprint of your infrastructure and service-readiness requirements

Next, you can take advantage of the AT&T TopLineISV Incubation Center, a production-quality sandbox environment for refining the architecture. This four-month service enables you to:

  • Develop capacity planning models
  • Run performance and compatibility tests
  • Prepare for launching SaaS delivery in a production environment

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Service delivery

Comprehensive service delivery support is available to you through AT&T TopLineISVsm, and includes:

  • Business strategy mapping to technology requirements
  • Deployment in an AT&T Internet Data Center
  • 24 x 7 monitoring and management of infrastructure, network and operating system
  • Database management
  • Web content and data integration
  • SaaS sales and marketing guidance

Customer support

The AT&T layered support model is designed to meet your technical, operational and strategic application needs and includes a dedicated support team:

  • A client support lead as your primary contact for help-desk to help-desk support or end-user requests
  • A client technical lead with responsibility for the technical aspects of your environment
  • A client executive who manages escalations and production issues

A web portal provides you with a view into your hosted environment to:

  • Monitor software performance in near real-time
  • Track status of changes and tickets
  • Run application-specific reports
  • Communicate with the AT&T support team

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To discover the advantages of the AT&T TopLineISV sm program for SaaS enablement, contact us today.

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