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Network-Enabled Cloud: The Next Phase of Cloud

Cloud Networking from AT&T

Learn how the simplicity, flexibility and security of network-enabled cloud can benefit your business.

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While cloud services grow in popularity, the public internet connections that provide access to external clouds – and the complexity of integrating them with on-site production systems – are barriers to widespread adoption.

As a result, the cloud is often relegated to backup and recovery or to managing discrete functions, such as test and development.

AT&T network-enabled cloud solutions can provide the performance and security needed for cloud-based transaction-oriented applications and production environments – elevating cloud services to become an integral part of your overall IT strategy.

What is network-enabled cloud?

Our network-enabled cloud solutions use AT&T NetBond technology to provide a direct connection between an existing AT&T VPN and specific cloud resources. They combine the control, protection and performance advantages of a private cloud with the economies and elasticity of a public cloud, while leveraging your existing network.

Since the AT&T VPN network is the foundation of our pre-integrated "cloud within a network" solutions, it can be easier and faster to create a highly secure environment for cloud-based enterprise applications and data – which makes you ready for the next phase of cloud.

AT&T offers two cloud solutions with AT&T NetBond technology:

Extend VPN protection with AT&T NetBond

Instead of establishing an IPSec tunnel or private line, the cloud resources in an AT&T NetBond cloud become nodes on your enterprise WAN, so you can:

  • Leverage the security already embedded in your network
  • Reduce exposure to public internet threats
  • Help protect data in transit and at rest
  • Extend corporate security policies end to end: from the cloud, across the network and to fixed and mobile endpoints

Gain enterprise-class performance, dynamic scalability

Since all endpoint connections route directly to the cloud, cloud solutions using AT&T NetBond deliver applications and data directly to users to help:

  • Minimize latency and maximize bandwidth efficiency
  • Increase reliability
  • Deliver end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Optimize performance with network resources able to flex with the compute resources provisioned

Ease your transition

With cloud resources and your internal systems available on the same network, it can be easier to:

  • Attach cloud workloads to your existing VPN
  • Move applications and workloads to the cloud
  • Manage hybrid cloud and in-house implementations

Our network-enabled cloud services include IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ with AT&T NetBond and AT&T Synaptic Compute as a ServiceSMwith VMware vCloud® Datacenter Service. Other AT&T cloud services include cloud storage, platform as a service, virtual desktop service and SaaS enablement for software providers.

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