Network-Enabled Cloud

The benefits of a private network, the flexibility of cloud

Network-Enabled Cloud

Enterprises connecting to cloud infrastructure and applications via the Internet are concerned about security, performance and reliability. AT&T NetBond®, a network enabled cloud solution, allows customers to extend their MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN) to cloud service providers for the delivery of business applications through fast and highly secure connectivity. AT&T is driving the network enabled ecosystem and working with leading market players such as Microsoft,, IBM, CSC and Equinix.

Better Performance and Security

AT&T NetBond uses patented technology that uses Software Defined Network (SDN) capabilities, providing traffic routing flexibility and integration of VPN to cloud service providers. With AT&T NetBond, customers can expect up to 50% lower latency and up to 3x availability. In addition, network connectivity can be scaled up or down with the cloud resources resulting in bursting of up to 10 times your contracted commitment. From a security perspective, AT&T NetBond isolates traffic from the Internet and from other cloud traffic reducing exposure to risks and attacks such as DDoS.

Simplicity with network-enabled cloud

AT&T NetBond allows customers to create highly-secure, private and reliable connectivity to cloud services in minutes without additional infrastructure investments and long term contract commitments. We also enable end to end integration with cloud service providers resulting in a common customer experience regardless of the cloud platform.

Cost Savings with network-enabled cloud

Because it can reduce over-provisioning, AT&T NetBond can result in savings of as much as 60% on networking costs compared to internet based alternatives. Also, customers experience true flexibility in that they only pay for what they have ordered  and are able to change their billing plan at any time to reflect usage.

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We have partnered with leading cloud infrastructure and application providers to deliver a variety of solutions that provide choice and flexibility to customers.

AT&T Synaptic Compute as a Service SM with VMware vCloud® Datacenter Service

AT&T Synaptic Compute as a Service with VMware vCloud Datacenter Service delivers highly-secure access with AT&T NetBond to virtual infrastructure, servers and storage but not the costs, delays and difficulties of adding physical hardware. We offer computing capacity that expands to meet your needs, while you provide and manage the operating system, databases and applications. You pay as you go, on a per-hour basis—for only what you use.

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IBM Cloud Managed Services with AT&T NetBond

IBM Cloud Managed Services with AT&T NetBond creates a highly secure connection between your private network and IBM’s cloud computing infrastructure. It offers the flexibility of a cloud infrastructure with the availability and control of the private cloud. Increase network flexibility and performance by extending your AT&T MPLS private network directly into the IBM cloud.

Read the IBM Cloud Managed Services with AT&T NetBond Brochure [PDF, 919KB].

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Microsoft Windows Azure with AT&T NetBond

Microsoft Windows Azure with AT&T NetBond links your VPN directly to the Windows Azure cloud. It enables you to bypass the Internet and access the Microsoft cloud computing infrastructure just like any other site on your network. This allows you to take advantage of enterprise-grade speed and security.

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Amazon Web Services and AT&T NetBond

AT&T and Amazon are joining forces to allow customers to use AT&T NetBond ServiceSM to connect to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon Web Services provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud. Expected to be available in 2015, enterprise customers will be able to use AT&T NetBond to connect their AT&T MPLS Virtual Private Networks to AWS cloud services. and AT&T NetBond, a cloud services leader in CRM, sales and other enterprise software, is a member of the AT&T NetBond ecosystem. Expected to be available sometime later in 2014, customers will have the option of connecting to the company’s applications using AT&T NetBond.

Learn more about AT&T NetBond from Chris Rice, Vice President, Advanced Technologies at AT&T Labs.

Equinix and AT&T NetBond

We’re deploying AT&T NetBond into select Equinix data center cloud service providers (CSPs) and their end users. More than 450 cloud service providers globally use Equinix data centers for their co-location and hosting needs. Upon completion of our service deployment, CSPs hosting services in Equinix data centers will be able to take advantage of AT&T NetBond connectivity for highly-secure connectivity to their cloud-based infrastructure.

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  • Network-Enabled Cloud: Key Considerations and Partner Selection Criteria
  • Network-Enabled Cloud: Key Considerations and Partner Selection Criteria

    Network-enabled clouds empower enterprises to change the way they think about their IT architectures and develop new application delivery strategies that more effectively meet the needs of internal and external customers without sacrificing control, security, or performance of mission-critical workloads.
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