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Cloud Computing: Infrastructure on Demand

With business in a constant state of flux, sometimes it doesn't make sense to get locked into fixed assets, especially when critical projects go on hold while you wait for new computing resources. Cloud computing can help.

What is cloud computing? AT&T offers pay-as-you-go cloud computing services, where you can buy IT services without procuring equipment to better align operating costs with variations in the business cycle.

Transform service delivery with cloud computing

When you take advantage of cloud computing services from AT&T, you can:

  • Provision quickly with a ready-made cloud computing infrastructure
  • Procure cloud computing resources as a service to decrease capital investments
  • Scale on demand by adding more cloud computing resources where and when they're needed
  • Access enterprise-class cloud computing services
  • Create a hybrid solution of cloud computing and in-house IT services
  • Leverage your existing AT&T MPLS VPN to access cloud computing services

Choose your AT&T cloud computing services

These network-enabled cloud offerings let you combine the security, control and performance of a private cloud with the flexibility and cost-efficiency of a public cloud:

AT&T Synaptic Compute as a ServiceSM with VMware vCloud® Datacenter Service: Provides on-demand virtual machines and associated networking resources in a self-service, pay-as-you-go model that taps into the AT&T cloud

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ with AT&T NetBond: A pre-integrated, cloud-within-the network service that connects directly into the IBM cloud

Access enterprise-class cloud computing

When you choose AT&T as your cloud computing provider, you benefit from our experience and expertise in enterprise-class network, cloud and hosting services , as well as a range of professional services to meet your IT needs.

Find out more about other AT&T cloud solutions, including cloud storage, platform as a service, virtual desktop service, network-enabled cloud and SaaS enablement.

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