Cloud Computing

Scale computing capacity in the cloud.

Cloud Computing: Empower your enterprise with on-demand, virtual infrastructure

Increase the flexibility of your network with our network-enabled cloud computing offers. When access using your AT&T VPN, Cloud Computing services from AT&T combine the cost-efficiency of the cloud with the network-based security and performance of our global MPLS VPN network, so you can:

  • Scale computing capacity on demand
  • Reduce IT costs with pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Provision resources quickly to keep pace with changing demands
  • Benefit from low costs and enterprise-grade network security
Synaptic Compute as a Service

Meet your business needs with self-service, pay-as-you-go, easy access to the AT&T virtual infrastructure.

Cloud Computing services from AT&T can enhance virtually any part of an enterprise’s operations, but they are commonly used for:

Business continuity and cloud computing

Improve business continuity with quick, dependable access to your most important data. By placing resources in the cloud, you can also benefit from the low cost and availability of flexible, virtual infrastructure.

Testing and Development

Free your enterprise from fixed IT resources. We can help you quickly provision cost-effective, highly scalable testing environments, so you can keep productivity high and reduce time to market for new applications.

Managing fluctuations in the business cycle

Increase productivity and efficiency. Our highly reliable, pay-as-you-go cloud resources make it easy to meet unforeseen projects and production demands.

Cloud Computing services from AT&T provide industry-leading flexibility and control. By tapping into the AT&T VPN, they enable you to enjoy the cost-efficiency of the public cloud and the robust performance of a private cloud solution.

Flexibility and Responsiveness with cloud computing

Our cloud computing resources can help you transform how you deliver applications, products and services by enabling you to:

  • Seamlessly scale computing capacity up or down
  • Quickly provision pre-configured, virtual infrastructure
  • Diversify your network with a hybrid solution of cloud and in-house resources
  • Benefit from the enterprise-grade reliability of our global network by tying your cloud computing to your MPLS VPN

Scale your infrastructure with cloud computing

Pay for what you use. Cloud Computing services can help you scale your infrastructure up or down as your business needs change, so you can avoid paying for unused resources.

Strengthen your network foundation with solid expertise

Choose AT&T to enhance your cloud infrastructure—and everything that connects to it. With a depth of experience in enterprise-level networking and hosting services, we can help you develop, customize and maintain a holistic IT solution that can change as your business evolves.

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  • Cloud Computing Solutions

    Use as much or as little computing capacity as your business requires. Lose the hardware. Use cloud computing solutions from AT&T.

    Video | [2:27]
  • Cloud Storage Solutions

    Do you have fluctuating IT needs? Consider Cloud Services for on-demand access to compute and storage.

    Video | [2:27]


  • Cloud Computing Solutions

    Use as much or as little computing capacity as your business requires. Lose the hardware. Use cloud computing solutions from AT&T.

    Video | [2:27]

White Papers

  • New Ways of "Thinking Out Cloud"

    This practical framework outlines use cases for incorporating flexible, on demand, pay-per-use computing capacity to meet immediate business objectives and help transform IT from a cost center to business enabler.

    PDF | 301KB

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