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Consulting Services Across the Application Lifecycle

For many software delivery engagements, “going live” defines an end point where vendor responsibilities abruptly stop or taper off significantly. Issues that arise in the production environment become your responsibility, sapping staff time and crowding out capacity to deliver against other IT priorities.

AT&T application consulting services span the full software lifecycle to help you expand capabilities, improve business processes and increase application value.

At AT&T, our approach to application consulting entails assessment, delivery and management services that span the entire software lifecycle. We help our clients to improve business processes, expand capabilities, increase application value and free internal resources. Our consulting services include:

  • Planning and strategy
  • Software implementation
  • Custom application development
  • Systems integration
  • Upgrades and enhancements

Application consulting experts

The AT&T application consulting team includes business and technical experts in both enterprise and eCommerce applications that have real-world, cross-industry experience. With a wide range of credentials and skills in over 150 types of technologies, we can apply:

  • More than 15 years of mission-critical application management experience
  • Lessons learned from serving thousands of hosting clients
  • Prevailing industry practices and proven methodologies
  • Proprietary tools to help track steps, costs and changes

Our understanding of applications, infrastructure and common delivery pitfalls, will help you deliver projects on time and on budget.

A strategic, long-term approach

Unlike a “hit and run” engagement, we “live with” the results of our application consulting projects by continuing to work closely with you. So, we are highly motivated to:

  • Go live without outstanding issues
  • Design for long-term maintainability
  • Target full end-user enablement, not just a successful pilot
  • Keep IT aligned with business needs
  • Conduct on-going application upgrades
  • Implement scalable solutions for growth

Flexible application consulting services

With AT&T, you get the proven processes, skill sets and stability of a large IT services firm, wrapped into flexible service options tailored for your business to:

  • Address needs at any point in the application lifecycle
  • Solve specific problems quickly
  • Meet specific requirements, timeframes and budget constraints
  • Put the right skills at the right locations
  • Scale consulting resources up or down to adapt to change

Accountable performance

As your single provider for a range of application consulting services, AT&T builds in-depth knowledge of your company, systems and business processes to help:

With clearly defined requirements, fees and project scope from the start, AT&T application consulting services help keep costs in line and schedules on time.

  • Shorten ramp-up time for new projects
  • Simplify vendor management
  • Reduce finger-pointing
  • Spot improvement areas
  • Achieve operational consistency across worldwide locations

Our hosting and application services - and commitment to work with you from the start and over the long haul - means AT&T can be a dependable, single source of accountability across the application lifecycle.

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When you think about the time, expertise and budget needed to implement solutions, add new functionality, improve business processes or target specific pain points across the application lifecycle, it doesn’t makes sense to tie up internal resources when you can use AT&T consulting services instead.

Here are some questions you may have about how AT&T consulting services can help you:

Where do you start?

Discovery Workshops can be a great starting point. These are fact-finding sessions with primary stakeholders to help define your project, gather requirements, clarify business goals, promote buy-in on all levels and plan for next steps.

IT Strategy and Business Process Transformation Services assess your technology to recommend improvements and align solutions with your business processes. Theses services also assist you in long-range IT planning, software selection and planning sessions with executives and stakeholders.

How can AT&T consulting services help you move from planning to deployment?

Software Implementation Services from AT&T take advantage of best-practice methodologies and innovative toolkits to get applications up and running and reduce time to benefit for new installations or added modules and product suites.

Custom Application Development Services can help you meet specific business requirements by creating or enhancing applications, such as self-service websites and business portals.

Systems Integration Services can help you modernize, consolidate and coordinate the systems you already have in place, while adding new applications and data, to enable seamless functionality as you deploy applications.

How can AT&T consulting services help you get more value from your applications over the long term?

Upgrade Services can help you avoid the risks of running old software, minimize business disruption and speed access to the latest software releases.

Customization and Enhancement Services assist you in adding new software features and functionality to existing applications to meet specific needs, adopt new capabilities and support business growth.

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For application consulting services that support the full lifecycle, from planning to deployment and beyond, call in the experts from AT&T right away.

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